Taking a Look at Life Lock

If you watch TV you have probably seen advertisements for Life Lock, an identity theft protection company. Rather than tell you all about the company and what it has to offer, I’ll direct you to a very good review of the company as well as some helpful identity theft tips that I stumbled across the other day.

It really stinks that honest people must spend their hard-earned dollars protecting themselves from thieves.

4 thoughts on “Taking a Look at Life Lock”

  1. I have always felt Lifelock was a little too stripped down for what you pay. I understand that all the things LifeLock does you can do yourself, but I pay for a lot of services that I could do. Is there enough value for what you pay? I am leaning towards, “No.”

    As a Financial Coach I come across people everyday who have been victim of identity fraud so I understand the crisis we are in right now. There are so many other solutions out there that are worth paying for.

  2. Get Rich Slowly linked to a good article about doing most of the things lifelock does for yourself instead of shelling out your money for their services.


    Having done some of these things myself. They’re easy and not particularly time consuming. I would rather save myself the cash and take some steps myself to prevent id theft than pay a service to do it for me. To each his/her own though 🙂

  3. I would like to really thank everyone that took the time to visit my article. Especially to JLP for commenting and even more praise for linking back to the article. I’m glad everyone was able to see the message I was getting across. My intentions wasn’t to reticule LifeLock, but I wanted to pass on that there are definite options that we can take as individuals to take care of these tasks on our own without paying a corporation out-of-pocket to do the work for us.

    Thanks again JLP and to everyone else that read and commented on the article. 🙂

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