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Check Out Morningstar’s Investing Classroom

By JLP | March 30, 2008

While working on another post, I became reacquainted with Morningstar‘s Investing Classroom, an AWESOME resource for investors. Below is a listing of every class in the classroom series, divided into four categories: stocks, funds, portfolio, and bonds. You can start from the beginning and move your way through or you can just pick a topic that interests you and go from there. It’s very cool.



101: Stocks Versus Other Investments
102: The Magic of Compounding
103: Investing for the Long Run
104: What Matters and What Doesn’t
105: The Purpose of a Company
106: Gathering Relevant Information
107: Introduction to Financial Statements
108: Learn the Lingo–Basic Ratios

201: Stocks and Taxes
202: Using Financial Services Wisely
203: Understanding the News
204: Start Thinking Like an Analyst
205: Economic Moats
206: More on Competitive Positioning
207: Weighing Management Quality

301: The Income Statement
302: The Balance Sheet
303: The Statement of Cash Flows
304: Interpreting the Numbers
305: Quantifying Competitive Advantages

401: Understanding Value
402: Using Ratios and Multiples
403: Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow
404: Putting DCF into Action
405: The Fat-Pitch Strategy
406: Using Morningstar’s Rating for Stocks
407: Psychology and Investing
408: The Case for Dividends
409: The Dividend Drill

501: Constructing a Portfolio
502: Introduction to Options
503: Unconventional Equities
504: Great Investors: Benjamin Graham
505: Great Investors: Philip Fisher
506: Great Investors: Warren Buffett
507: Great Investors: Peter Lynch
508: Great Investors: Others in the Hall of Fame
509: 20 Stock-Investing Tips


101: What a Mutual Fund Is
102: What NAV Is
103: Finding a Fund’s Total Return
104: Mutual Funds and Taxes
105: How to Purchase a Fund
106: Methods for Investing in Mutual Funds
107: Fund Costs
108: Important Fund Documents, Part 1
109: Important Fund Documents, Part 2

201: Five Questions to Ask before Buying a Fund
202: How to Benchmark Fund Returns
203: Looking at Historical Risk, Part 1
204: Looking at Historical Risk, Part 2
205: Gauging Risk and Return Together, Part 1
206: Gauging Risk and Return Together, Part 2
207: Examining a Stock Fund’s Portfolio, Part 1
208: Examining a Stock Fund’s Portfolio, Part 2
209: Why Knowing Your Manager Matters
210: Your First Fund’s Qualities
211: Good First–and Maybe Only–Funds

301: Why Diversify?
302: Building Your Mutual-Fund Portfolio
303: Choosing an Index Fund
304: Choosing Socially Responsible Funds
305: Choosing an International Fund, Part 1
306: Choosing an International Fund, Part 2
307: Examining a Bond Fund’s Portfolio, Part 1
308: Examining a Bond Fund’s Portfolio, Part 2
309: Choosing a Municipal-Bond Fund

401: Shades of Value
402: Shades of Growth
403: Using Focused Funds
404: Style-Box-Specific versus Flexible Funds
405: Mid-Cap Funds: The Small-Cap Substitute?
406: Sector-Fund Investing
407: Using Quirky Bond Funds
408: Bear-Proofing Your Portfolio
409: The Plight of the Fickle Investor
410: Chasing Closing Funds
411: Buying the Unloved
412: Buying Rookie Funds

501: Avoiding Portfolio Overlap
502: Fund Warning Signs
503: Where and Why Asset Size Matters
504: When to Sell a Fund
505: Rebalancing Your Portfolio
506: Calculating Your Personal Rate of Return
507: Calculating Your Cost Basis
508: Is Your Retirement Portfolio on Track?
509: Refining Your Portfolio


101: Steps to a Suitable Portfolio
102: Determining Your Goals and What They’ll Cost
103: How Much Risk Can You Tolerate?
104: Building Your Emergency Fund
105: Determining Your Asset Mix
106: Core vs. Noncore Investments
107: A Simple Portfolio
108: Creating Your Investment Policy Statement
109: How Many Investments Should You Have?
110: Avoiding Overlap When Building a Portfolio

201: How to Juggle Different Investment Goals
202: 401(k) Plans
203: 403(b) Plans
204: Individual Retirement Accounts
205: The Best Investments for Tax-Deferred Accounts
206: The Best Investments for Taxable Accounts
207: Investing in Your Company’s Stock
208: How to Invest for Short-Term Goals
209: How to Invest for Intermediate-Term Goals
210: How to Invest for College

301: How to Monitor Your Portfolio, Part 1
302: How to Monitor Your Portfolio, Part 2
303: When to Sell an Investment
304: Strategies for Selling
305: Rebalancing Your Portfolio
306: Getting More Aggressive
307: Getting More Conservative
308: Adding Mutual Funds to a Stock Portfolio
309: Adding Stocks to a Fund Portfolio
310: How to Withdraw from Your Portfolio in Retirement

401: Variable Annuities
402: Closed-End Funds, Hedge Funds, and UITs
403: Exchange-Traded Funds
404: Using Sector Funds in a Portfolio
405: Investing in IPOs
406: Gold’s Role in a Portfolio
407: Real Estate’s Role in a Portfolio
408: Futures and Options
409: Short Selling
410: Income Alternatives for Retirees

501: Why Bother with Investment Theory?
502: Efficient Market Theory
503: Modern Portfolio Theory
504: Asset Allocation Is “It”
505: Can Foreign Stocks Really Diversify a Portfolio?
506: Value: The “Better” Approach?
507: Measuring Mutual-Fund Manager Skill
508: The Small-Company Advantage: Fact or Fiction?
509: The Demise of Dividends
510: Behavioral Finance


101: Bond Market Interest Rates
102: Bond Duration
103: Buying Bonds
104: Immunization
105: The Process of Issuing Bonds
106: The Role of Collateral
107: Secured and Unsecured Bonds
108: Introduction to Government Bonds
109: U.S. Government Agency Bonds
110: U.S. Savings Bonds

201: Junk Bonds
202: Callable Bonds
203: Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
204: Zero-Coupon Securities
205: TIGRs, CATS, and LIONs
207: Treasury Inflation-Adjusted Securities
208: General Obligation Bonds
209: Revenue Bonds
210: Municipal Bond Insurance

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7 Responses to “Check Out Morningstar’s Investing Classroom”

  1. TFB Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    OK, with such a big list, personal finance bloggers can all stop writing anything about these now. :-)

  2. Rick Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    Wow this list is massive. Has anyone taken one of these classes before? Any good experiences/reviews?

  3. Sam Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Thanks for pointing us to this. I never knew it existed.

  4. JLP Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 11:23 pm


    That’s what I’m here for. I found it while researching another post.

  5. Ron@TheWisdomJournal Says:
    March 31st, 2008 at 8:05 am

    Consider this post BOOKMARKED!

  6. El Cheapo Says:
    March 31st, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    That is a really, really great resource… thank you!!

  7. x Says:
    March 31st, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    i did this last year and after completing the course you can (or could then) get a free 60 day premium subscription to morningstar. i am not sure if the offer is still available, but perhaps you can put this information in your heading.