If You Won the Lottery…

I saw this in today’s Houston Chronicle:

LANSING, Mich. — David Sneath has worked at a Ford Motor Co. parts warehouse for 34 years, but it didn’t take him any time at all to walk out once he discovered he had won a $136 million Mega Millions jackpot.

“I yelled to the boss, ‘I’m out of here,'” Sneath said Thursday after going to state lottery headquarters in downtown Lansing to pick up his first $1 million check.

According to the article, the guy is going to buy a cabin on the lake and a “new fishing boat or two.”

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I don’t play the lottery but if I did and if I won, I would:

1. Give 10% to my church.

2. Give 10% to various charities and people I thought needed some help. I would do this anonymously.

3. Help my mom and in-laws with anything they needed.

4. Pay for college for all of my nieces and nephews (and of course my kids).

5. Finish fixing up our house and put in a pool. I don’t think I would move. We like where we live and we like our house. It would be silly to move just because we had more money.

6. MAYBE buy a vacation home in Colorado—a place where the family could get together a couple times a year.

7. Invest the rest and watch it grow.

I’m sure I would probably spend money on stuff, but I can’t say that I would go crazy buying extravagant things like cars. I’m also pretty sure my wife would retire from her job.

Okay, I’m done dreaming. Back to reality.

What about you? Do you play the lottery? What would you do if you won the lottery?

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  1. I do not play the lottery either. I know the sensible thing to do would be to pay off my mortgage and then invest the rest so that I could live off the income. But with so much money, I am sure that I would give some away and have a few nice holidays!

  2. I would do something similar to what you said only the house would be in New Mexico. Don’t frequently play the lottery(only when the office does it). But I wonder if winning is such a good thing. You hear about the people who end up having less after winning. 🙁

  3. I’d work for the next year or so, pumping my maximal amounts into my 403(b) and 457 plan to create a bump in my tax sheltered savings. I’d probably convert all of my non-Roth assets to Roth in 2010 when the income limits fall off.

    Then I’d quit my job and work on free software.

  4. 1) buy my brothers’ shares of my father’s inheritance and give the item to my uncle, as my father had intended.

    2) pay off everything (very little, really)

    3) get rid of my POS car, and get something safer and more environmentally friendly.

    4) Buy a house and move out of my in-law’s basement.

    5) Upgrade all the electronics I own.

    6) give a good portion of the remains to charity.

    7) set aside the rest and live off a small portion of the interest while I learn to cook, and finally,

    8) open my own restaurant.

  5. 1.) Tell my Dad to retire already, I got his back.
    2.) Give my brother a loan for the PT practice he wants to set up (Paid back through profit sharing, maybe gift the remainder at some point.)
    3.) Take the wife back to Hawaii.
    4.) Keep working, I like my job.
    5.) Give a gift to my alma mater and place of employment, both non-profits.

  6. I wouldn’t give away/spend any money immediately (except maybe to take my family/friends out to dinner to celebrate or something like that).

    Instead I’ll just use the money to up my standard of living for the rest of my life.

  7. I’m young, so as much as I would love to quit my job (which I would, of course), there’s no way I could just “retire at 27”.

    So if I won the lottery, I would give half to my parents, who are still working in their late 60s.

    I would buy a fun car and take a long vacation.

    I might go get an MBA, but if won the lottery, probably wouldn’t need it 8P

    Either way, I would then take the rest and begin investing in businesses, real estate, and strategically donating to charities.

    I would want to be actively involved in business ventures rather than just invest the money and sit on a beach somewhere, though I certainly would love the luxury of being able to do that whenever I pleased!

  8. Doesn’t anyone give two weeks notice anymore? sheesh. He worked there for 34 years so the job couldn’t have been that terrible. Show a little dignity and respect man.

    I would give a substantial portion to may parents to pay off their mortgage and live on in their retirement – and tell them they can leave all their money to my sister. Not sure if I would give her money – she still cannot control her debt.

    I would buy an apartment in manhattan immediately.

    I would buy season tickets to everything I could think of 🙂

    Travel a lot

    give a bunch to charity – especially world wildlife fund and other animal protection charities.

    I might think about starting my own business, but I’m not sure about that.

    Invest invest invest

  9. From the article”

    A self-described “character,” Sneath generally kicked in $6 a week with four co-workers at his job in Brownstown to buy lottery tickets, spending half the money on tickets for Tuesday’s draw and half for Friday’s.

    This time, his son bought him $15 worth of tickets, picking numbers Sneath suggested.”

    Uh oh. I smell a lawsuit.

  10. Well I play the lottery, usually only a $1 per time unless its pretty high, then maybe $2 or $3. I have no other vices and heck $1 every so often for the chance to get a couple million is ok in my book.

    Now in this case, the guy will clear $45-50 million after taxes and cash option.

    Lets assume $45 mill.

    1) Give away about $5 mill, likely to high school and college, make some full ride scholarships.

    2) I don’t really have any debt to pay off, the debt i have is at such low interest i make more in my savings account.

    3) Help out my close family, parents first and the most, then the rest to make things easier for them.

    4) I as well would setup some trusts to fund education, then some extra for when education is complete and only then.

    5) Nice house, nice car(s), fun toys.

    After all that i would likely only have spent at most $10 mill.

    From there with the $35 mill left over, at 5% you get like nearly $2 million a year to live off. Would try to benefit a lot of things that im pasionate about. Would really “work”, travel, get involved have fun, be with family.

    Now if the lotto was only like 12 mill, $4 mill when said and done it would be different.

    1-5) would all be done but to a much lower scale. Say i have 2 mil after its said and done. Thats 100k per year.

    I would find a job i am truely passionate about and can enjoy and would “work” but get to enjoy myself.

  11. First thing – set up a “blind trust” to accept the money to keep my winning relatively quiet. So many lotto winners lose family and friends over the money (everyone thinks they deserve a large slice of the pie.)

    Then I would:
    1) pay tithing
    2) put the rest of the money somewhere safe and wait.

    I think when people get a windfall all logic and reason go out the door. So waiting to spend the money could help it last. I would prioritize the things I (my wife, actually) want, and then slowly and deliberately begin to utilize the winnings (investing and purchasing). My goal would be to make it last the rest of our lives, and keep my wife from spending it all!

  12. I’m assuming I won 83m (or whatever it is he took home for the lump sum).

    1.) Retire both of my parents and buy them a house on the lake they have wanted.
    2.) Build a house with my wife.
    3.) Pay for my nephews and nieces educations.
    4.) Give most of my close relatives and friends a nice cash gift.
    5.) Buy a ski condo in Vermont.
    6.) I wouldn’t quit my job, but I would drop down to part time.
    7.) Travel through Europe and Asia.
    8.) Buy a new car (maybe an Audi A6).
    9.) Give to my favorite charities.
    10.) Invest the rest so I can live comfortably the rest of my life.

  13. First, I would go to a financial planner and discuss various investment options, find out the possible tax implications, and decide if it would make sense to pay off my mortgage outright.

    Second, I would investigate setting up donations/endowments/scholarships to schools I feel particularly close to.

    Third, I would seriously look at moving to a different area and finding a “fun” job. The plan would be to keep my spending to about what it is now, earn some extra for fun, and try not to worry too much.

    Finally, I would splurge on a trip with my parents. They gave me the gift of travel growing up, it would be my turn 🙂

    Other things I’d investigate: fixing up a few things at the house (not major remodeling), spending more time with family b/c I would hopefully be more flexible with vacation time, donating to the library in memory of my grandparents, and buying some rare LP’s I would love to have 🙂

    My ultimate goal would be to make no changes in my life for the first 3 months. Start all “investigations” after that, make donations only after 9 months have elapsed, and generally keep a low profile.

  14. I don’t play the lottery either…but hypothetically speaking, if I did play and win…
    I would:
    1. Ask to be allowed to work part-time at home (otherwise I’d have to quit once they found a replacement) and
    2. my family and I would become full time missionaries (after proper training of course).
    3. Learn how to fly a helicopter
    4. (and buy one)
    5. I’d buy my mom a house (she’s never owned one) and
    6. a new car (she’s never had one of those either). Nothing flashy, but very practical (dependable, high mpg, safe, etc…).
    7. I’d also definitely invest a good portion.

    …I’m realizing there are too many things to list in the comments section of a blog…

    This all brings up a good question, why don’t I play the lottery – just $1 a month? I probably already “throw away” $12 a year on unnecessary junk (junk food, “stuff”). With the lottery, you only have to be right once. Of course I know the chances of winning are slim to none…but hey, at least I’ve cut a bit of junk food out of my diet.

  15. I never tire of discussing/dreaming about this topic! And actually, I bought a ticket for that Mega Millions jackpot (I rarely play the lottery, but it was unique situation this past week with a relative…)

    I would not quit my job because I am so young, and I think I need the challenges and stability and social interaction my 9-5 offers me (plus I like it, of course). I’d also keep my winning a secret – meaning I could not just go out and buy a residence and move into the new Ritz Carlton, which in another stage of life I might just do.

    Other than the typical “give to charity, provide for my family, save most of it” thing, I would take a 6 week tour of the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Greece), gradually pick up a new wardrobe and some nice jewelry, purchase a few more rental properties (and a management company to go along with them), and put enough in Treasury securities to cover the basic needs of me and my family indefinitely.

  16. Advise I found on the WEB which makes per sense…

    1. Shut up – but tell your dog!
    2. Hire a qualified attorney
    3. Establish a blind trust
    4. Collect the lump payment
    5. Allow a professional to invest the winnings
    6. Take one year to plan before spending

  17. He has an 80% chance of losing all of the money within 5 years … this is because the lessons that you learn on the way UP stop you from falling back DOWN … only this guy has missed all of those lessons.

    I won the ‘business lottery’ but I also started my investment strategy (hence built up a second ‘lottery’ in passive investments). Here is what I am doing:

    1. Move my money into safe/passive investments … right now I have over $7 mill. in cash – this is OK as I am moving into stocks and real-estate now that we have a ‘buyer’s market’.

    2. Only withdraw $250k – $350k per year, indexed with inflation

    3. Ensure that I still meet the 20% Rule (no more than 20% of my net worth in my house)

    4. Ensure that I meet the 5% Rule (no more that 5% of my net Worth in cars, boats, furniture).

    5. Reevaluate once per year


  18. I would pay tithe to my church, too. I think I’d invest most of it right away. I’d be nervous and watching it grow would give me some insurance against the future. I’m not sure how I feel about paying entirely for kids’ futures. There are so many entitled kids nowadays which only leads to more entitlement later in life. I have a 3 year old and we’re trying to figure out what we’d do.


  19. I doubt you could stay in your current home, unless you are in a gated community. It could get very dangerous, especially if you won multi-millions of dollars.

  20. I would buy a very large stick, which I would use to beat off all the people who would be begging me for the money left over after buying said stick.

  21. Actually $1 million in my local country is not really that much given the high standard of living here. I could easily just spend the $1 million just enough to buy a good piece of land property for investment. If not, I would buy a few small apartment and rent it out and collected rent for passive income!

  22. I rarely play the lottery. I might play once every two months. I guess it would depend on how much I won as far as what I’d do, but it if was $136 million here’s what I’d do.

    0. Hire a financial advisor/lawyer I can trust.

    1. Pay off my debts, sell my current car and buy a smaller car and a small RV for travel.

    2. Pay off select family member’s debts and set up a funds for them to do with as they please.

    3. Buy my best friend a house.

    4. Buy myself modest houses or condos in Tennessee, Wyoming, Florida, and somewhere in the desert Southwest.

    5. Get a trophy wife (I’m currently single).

    6. Use the vast majority of the money to set up two foundations that help the poor and sick.

    7. Spend my time traveling and doing the things I enjoy doing like web development, learning new hobbies, learning everything, doing interesting jobs, lobbying Congress, etc.

  23. I actually try and think of the amount it would take for me to quit working. Sure, I’d like to win the 200 million powerball, but would 20 work? 10? 5% on 10 million would be 500k a year – way more than I make now. That might be enough FU money.

    I definitely wouldn’t go crazy like others have. I’d get a reasonable house, probably a fixer-upper and redo it, pay off my student loans and car, and then look to help out my immediate family. I would set up a yearly allowance for relatives and let them know that’s it. I would splurge once a year for some sort of vacation with my wife and our immediate family to all get together.

    If I won 200 million or some crazy amount of money, I’d probably buy a little bar/restaurant at the beach and just relax.

  24. Here is what I would do with the money..

    1) Take control of a prosperous midsized corporation

    2) Buy several politicians

    3) Ensure that my family remained members of Americas wealthy oligarchy.

  25. use some as capital to start a green real estate development company.

    use some as seed money for a philanthropic organization to help people in need

    start a scholarship to promote study abroad programs for high schoolers.

    Go on a nice international vacation

  26. Since my family is fortunate enough to pretty much already own/be paying on most of the things we really want (i.e. not high-dollar SUV’s, etc., but other satisfying purchases), I would just want to ensure my children’s education, pay off our debts, and set back enough to retire. Pretty much the rest I would want to use in the most effective way to immunize children/needy adults in impoverished countries. Or, spend it in other ways to lengthen/improve the lives of those that have so little. That is what I would want to do with the obvious excess.

  27. I don’t play but if I did win I would…

    Invest/Save 75% of it

    Use 25% to pay off debt, buy a new home where we WANT to live, set up trusts for the kids and help out family members

    Start an organization that focuses on women and personal finance and begin a program that would run nationwide to educate women that were formerly homeless on how to manage their money

    Give 10% to my church (this is hard since Im kind of iffy on our home church’s handling of money right now. A 10 million dollar jet just doesnt seem right, but I digress)

    Pay of all student loan debt

    Move back to VA and buy one of those updated Victorian homes in Crystal City. Yes Im in love with the area LOL!

    Pay off all consumer/credit card debt

  28. 1. Give 10% to Church (but not all at once.)
    2. Give 5% to other charities of interest
    3. Provide for some full-scholarships to people who fit criteria of interest.
    4. Pay off all dept.
    5. Bring wife home from work.
    6. Find a part-time job that I love.
    7. Spend lots of time with family. Time flies.
    8. I think my big splurges would be a ’67 Corvette Stingray for me and a Brand New Toy Sequoia for my wife.

  29. Move out of my basement apartment to someplace warm like Arizona.
    Finish the year and train my replacement at work
    Tithe to my church and the various religious radio and public television programs I follow
    Pay off debts of my parents and select relatives and set them up for life
    Pay for the education of my neices and nephew, my godchildren and select children
    Donate to favorite educational institutions
    Go back to school to study what I want
    Travel to my heart’s content

  30. Get a divorce.
    Buy a farm/ranch in either Wyoming or New Hampshire.
    Set up a trust for whatever is left to pay some small amount to my parents, sister, and myself.
    Make cheese and whiskey.

  31. I play the lottery occasionally with an annual cash output of maybe ten dollars. What would I do if I won?

    1. Eschew as much publicity as legally possible. Does anyone know how much of your personal information is considered public?

    2. Hire an attorney/CPA/financial planner.

    3. Quit my job. I love the work I do but I am tired of the shift juggling and the stress.

    4. Ascertain how much I can give away without hurting the people I want to give to, i.e. close/immediate family.

    5. Set up an annual donation schedule with my personal list of charitable institutions, including my church and alma mater (for a scholarship in my field). Some I would insist on anonymity; others I would not.

    6. Take a very long vacation or perhaps a year of “vacations”. Maybe a world cruise on one of the “Queens”.
    Maybe buy a small RV and travel the US and Canada. There are a few provinces and states I have’t visited yet.

    7. Develop a diversified portfolio to insure my financial future.

    8. Seek professional counseling to help me deal with the change and stress of my new lifestyle.

    9. Find a cause to engage my mind and heart.

    10. Support the arts.

    I think this list could go on and on. It’s mostly a dream after all isn’t it?

  32. Good people I am going to do almost the same things you spoke about here. I will tell you what I am doing after i won the Lottery. I am not going to let people know of my big wins. I know I will be mad for some few days.

    1.First thing I am going to Tithe 10% “even more” to Church.

    2.Buy a safe car. Maybe 2. A sport and an SUV.

  33. Call me a dreamer, but I have done quite a bit of research on this. There are so many taxes you have to pay it’s ridiculous, so plan on getting about 25-30% if taking out a lump sum, which by the way is the best way to go. If you get it spread out over 26 years or whatever the case may be, the lottery commission puts the same amount of money in guarenteed bonds, where the interest rate never changes. Hire an accountant, financial planner, and a lawyer to handle all of your professional needs. A solid financial planner will get a much better return on your money than the bonds, and help set up trusts and other methods of safeguarding your money from taxes and bad decisions. Then, evaluate your life. Are you comfortable (minus bills and such) with your lifestyle? I am. If so, just live the same lifestyle you do now, don’t go crazy spending. Little nice gifts once in a while? Sure. Travel? You better! Just don’t think you are obligated in any way to get the “Presidential Suite” or 8 Ferraris! Just live your life slow, using the resources you have to truly experience life all around you, without the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 grind. To me, that would be the life…

    P.S. For those that are serious about throwing 10% to their church for tithe, use your head. Most individual churches wouldn’t know how to handle that kind of money. Just get your financial adviser to help determine the best way to benefit the church, through tax-deductible projects or investments instead of “Oh, here’s a check…” By the way, I’m starting up my own church, feel free to send the money here.LOL

  34. I play the lottery every once in awhile cuz you need to have some faith right.
    Here’s what I would do:

    1- Buy myself a Home and a luxury car

    2- Go shopping with my closest family members for cars, clothes, electronics and other things. Also take care of whatever debt they may have.

    3- Get myself a personal trainer and a cook, so I could get in shape.

    4- Buy about 2 or 3 franchises maybe: Mcdonalds, outbacks, KFC

    5- Buy an apartment complex

    6- Set up some kind of arrangement where me and my closest family members will get paid on a monthly basis from these investments, this way they will be financially free.

    7- I should have at least 5million in cash, I would try to get paid interest on that.

    8- Give 10% of my new earnings to charity, I would make it automatic

  35. If I won the lottery I would set up my own lottery and therefore win it every week you suckers play. Wait a minute, gotta go.

  36. It’s interesting to see how everyone would spend their loot. It’s also easy to see who will be broke in 5 years. Well… so what would I do? I’d disappear, and I mean vanish without a trace except for my cell phone and when anyone called I’d probably tell a little white lie about where I am. I wouldn’t want anyone to know. From what I’ve read the lotto has destroyed many relationships, and I wouldn’t let it touch any of mine, I love them too much. Meanwhile I’m in Europe and I’ve upgraded my cell to the global plan. Living life to the fullest! Not staying in high class places, actually just booking in hostels and partying my ass off because…I have to decide what the “f” I’m going to do with the rest of my life. So I send a postcard to one of my closest friends who is newly single and good with money…I need advise. On the post card is instructions to find a key, the key takes him to a safety lock box in a local post office where he finds a small lump some of money and a first class ticket to Portugal. There I’ll meet him and let him in on the secret and how I wish him to keep it that way. After a few month of traveling Europe we return home to get to business.

    1. I meet with the right CPA / attorney / and financial planner.
    2. There it will be discussed how to make this money last the rest of my and close families lives and mine.
    3. Funds will be set up to closest friends and family in the form of trusts. Matters will be discussed on how to keep this all a secret. Mums the word!
    4. Several homes will be purchased for vacation but only to be managed by management firms so they will be making money on the side, or paying for themselves. I just want the ability to escape to Whistler or Hawaii whenever I feel.
    5. No money will go to any church. As much as I respect ones faith in a higher power I don’t think any church is starving. Instead some will go to the local pet shelters and something along the lines of children in distress, be it homeless orphaned or make a wish foundation.
    6. As for the rest I would set an amount to invest to where I make 150 – 200k a year to actually live off. If that’s not enough for anyone then you’re blowing too much cash, even 200 is probably too much if you own your home and everything is paid off.
    7. Ahh and council, which is a big one for anyone. Having a councilor to talk to about everything would be definitely worth every penny. Always someone to talk to about anything. Maybe sometimes I’ll just be paying him/her to take a nap in his/her office on that long comfy couch.


    As for the reasoning behind my new found smile for those who will never know the difference…well my company that I own has taken a new found change in events. I’m in construction and we came upon a very wealthy family that has hired us to do a major renovation to several of his homes. It could take years to complete! I’ve hired everyone to take care of everything. I just take a cut off the top. Cheers – Drawings tomorrow!

  37. If I won I would quit my job then buy a home in Maui, invest a substantial amount in a low risk fund then live off the interest. I wouldn’t tell my family. I’d also buy my wife a nicer and fancier engagement ring. Also, i’d get the new STI since I love my subaru and don’t need anything super fancy.

  38. -hire an attorny to structure a separate private entity to collect the jackpot anonymously.
    -retain cpa to advise on tax and some financial matters.
    -set up trust(pending legal and tax advice)and trust account with (Schwab.
    -deposit winnings into trust immediately invest in high yield tax free money market fund.
    -Design asset allocation probably:
    10% my own stock trading and real estate investing (only after extensive training i.e., mba, online trading academy, and trump u)
    10% Alternative Investments (i.e. hedge funds and private equity probably with Goldman Sachs)
    25% Small/Mid Cap Stocks(actively managed mutual funds, index funds, etfs, individual stocks)
    30% Large Cap or Blue Chip Stocks (invested the same as the small/mid cap portfolio)
    25% Bonds (corporate, muni, gov’t, invested the same as the stock portfolio i.e.mutuals, indexes, and etfs,
    10% would remain in a tax free money market fund maybe JPMorgan Tax Free Money Market Fund (RTJXX)

    -From this portfolio I would create an income stream of between 1%-4% of the total portfolio value to live of of. This be no more than $10-$20k per month direct deposited to a Chase Platinum Premier Checking Account.
    -I would improve my credit by paying off all debt, buying a house $150-200k with 20% down 30 yr fixed. Buy a brand new vehicle ($50k max).
    -Take my girl to Tiffany’s for a wedding ring. She would quit work, get hair, feet, nails, facial, massage, weekly!
    -I would shop for fun, play video games, smoke a ton of weed and work out after, ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. If I were to win the lottery… I o not play the lottery, I’ve bought one ticket since I’ve turned 18. I cannot, however, say I have not continually dreamed of winning. Every time I see someone whom has won and wasted away themselves or their money it makes me sick. What I would do depends entirely on how much I win. The average, to me, would be nearly $100 Million. If I won that amount I would split $10 million among my closest friends (maybe 5 people), relatives (around 7 people), and myself eliminating our debt (I have $0 debt) and earning a little spending money. I would than lock $90 Million away in a high interest C.D. account (as if you could find one anymore). If I could find one with an astounding %6 interest every month I would gain $5.4 Million. With a C.D. account I could take out what I would need from that money monthly. I would donate up to %25 percent of the monthly interest to several different charities differing from month to month. I would continue cooking at night but leave my day job and finally start school as I have been desperately trying to do for 3 years now. I would immediately consider buying an extremely gas efficient automobile (never a Prius) and after a long time consider buying me dream car (which would be either a Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, Modified 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, or a highly modified Jeep Wrangler). I would consider buying a house far in the future but not until I complete my Green Building, Green Design and Green Architecture courses in college. I would indefinitely use Geothermal Heating, Solar Panels, A windmill or watermill perhaps, Rainwater and Groundwater recycling, and other Green Concepts. Basically I have thought long and hard about what I would do with my money and I believe I would have enough will power not to spend it all. I do not drink, smoke, or partake in any illegal activities. I just wish someday I could win the lottery, but dreams are only dreams. Maybe I should go buy a ticket 🙂

  40. If I won the $136 million I’d hire a financial planner and a lawyer right away. I’ve heard enough horror stories about people’s lives being ruined by lotto winnings because they didn’t know WTH they were doing!
    I’d establish a blind trust, like was mentioned before. I’d set up accounts for my immediate family and give everyone a million each (and make it so that the youngest ones can only take out so much per month..you know, kids. lol).
    I’d pay off mine and my family’s debts, then buy a new house in a nice part of L.A. Nothing too lavish.
    I’d buy my mom a house and a nice, dependable car, and also get her the best fibromyalgia treatment in the world.
    I’d gladly do some indulgent shopping because hey, I’m a multi-milionaire and you only live once. 🙂
    I would NOT pay in full for my daughter to go to college because I don’t want her to have a sense of entitlement to anything. I’d meet her halfway.
    I’d anonymously help my friends who were having financial trouble, and also give a huge chunk of it to charities in Los Angeles and abroad. Then I’d do lots of traveling and do everything on my “things to do before I die” list. I’d probably have like 70 million left after all that. Wow. I’d have my financial planner and lawyer help me with investing and taxes and such. But I’d probably end up giving a lot of it away because I’d be happy just living a nice upper-middle class life without my life being defined by riches. Maybe spending no more than $200,000 a year. It would be a huge step up from where I am now.

  41. I have often fantasized about what I would do if I won, let me tell you purchases for myself would be made last…

    I would buy my disabled mom a house that wasnt rotting, I would buy my brother a condo and pay for his tuition to become whatever he wanted.

    I would set up a scholarship fund at our local university for low income students (like I was) to be able to go to school and come out debt free, so they have a chance.

    I would make huge donations of my time and money to our local food bank, and mens and womens shelters, if It was a huge significant amount I would built and fund emergency shelters.

    I would make large donations to the Hepatitis C foundation, as so many of my friends and family were infected with tainted blood years ago…

    I would donate to my local hospital where I work, so all floors would have access to new safety equipment thus making patient safety better…

    I would help my friends and family with their debt, as well as strangers with challenges they face, ie; a girl in the community needing a wheelchair.

    I would hope to be able to invest a ton, so the money I accrued could be used to continue my charitable endeavors..

    Lastly, I would build my own home, buy a more eco friendly vehicle and travel with doctors without borders (as an RN), so as Im seeing the world I am also lending a helping hand.

    Im sure it sounds sappy and many probably think im full of crap, however this is exactly what I would do with it and it disappoints me that others do not do the same…I would 1st priority help as many people for as long as I could with that much money.

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