JLP’s Roundup – April 11, 2008

First, let’s start off with a discussion I had with my brother many years ago:

My Brother: It makes no sense that you use more gas when you drive faster if you’re going the same distance.

Me: Sure it does. You’re using more energy.

My Brother: Yeah but you’re getting there faster.

Me: But you’re going the same distance but using more energy.

My Brother: Oh.

Wisebread makes that point in their post, How to Save $0.54 Per Gallon on Gas.

Now, on with the rest of the roundup.

NCN’s new math: 64,000 Aluminum Cans = A New Lawnmower ($1,400). – He’s nuts I say! NUTS!

MBH reminds us that we have to watch out for sneaky grocery store pricing schemes. – It drives me nuts but you do have to do the math. Remember, the grocery store’s goal is to make money.

JD has some negotiation tips. – I could have used this information the first time my wife and I bought a car. It was not a fun experience (I smell a future blog post idea).

Wanna be rich? Then decide to be rich.

Nickel shows us how to request a filing extension.

Flexo wonders if people are missing out by living a frugal lifestyle? – My wife and I were talking about this other day. We are fairly frugal, though not extreme. We are happy with our lifestyle. We don’t have huge car notes, and our house is affordable—even when you add in the refinance we did to pay for our kitchen and family room remodel. Anyway, we seem to have a pretty good balance between frugality and enjoyment of life.

Ron over at TheWisdomJournal exposes 7 career myths.Myth #7: It isn’t nice to brag. I have a hard time bragging because it’s so not me. I also CAN’T STAND it when people brag about themselves.

Speaking of careers, here’s some advice from The Digerati Life: Get hired, get a raise, and get paid more by improving your appearance.

Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog: Why buy and hold investing is simple, but not easy. – Two words: self discipline.

Here’s ten things NOT to do during a job interview.#6. Use profanity. LOL! I can hear it now:

“So tell me, JLP, why did you leave your last job?”

Because I f-in hated it!”

Jeremy reviews Rich by Thirty.

Lastly, here’s a very inspiring post from Tricia at BloggingAwayDebt. Her credit card balance is now $10,998! – Okay, you might be saying, “$10,998 is a lot of credit card debt.” Fair enough. However, her beginning balance was $37,614. She and her husband have paid off over $26,000 on their credit card debt. It’s getting to the point where they can probably taste it being paid off. What an inspiration!

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  1. Glblguy says: “Thanks JLP, but I just don’t think you or your mouth are a good fit for this position.” He then reaches down and presses the eject button.

    Glblguy: “Next!”

    🙂 Seriously, thanks for the inclusion. Had a guy the other day tell me, after we told him about some cool stuff we were doing “That’s f-in awesome man”.

  2. You are correct that it takes more energy to go faster over the same distance and that’s roughly why it takes more gas to drive faster. If you want to get technical, the power to overcome aerodynamic drag is proportional to the cube of velocity.

    Lumping a bunch of constants based on the frontal area and drag coefficient of the vehicle along with density of the air, you get an equation like P = C * v^3, where P is power and v is velocity. If you know that it takes a certain amount of power to move at a particular velocity you can solve for C. Then you can solve for P at any other velocity.

    Example: if it takes 20 horsepower to drive at 50 mph, C = 20/50^3 = 0.00016. Then the power required to drive at 75 mph is P = 0.00016*75^3 = 67.5 hp.

    This has been known since Lord Rayleigh derived it at Cambridge in the 1870s.

    And yes, I’ve left out frictional loss.

    So, now you’re prepared for the next time someone asks.

    P.S. I like your blog’s new look.

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