If I Were A Marketer…

I’d be taking advantage of inflation.

Think about it…

Yesterday I posted about how some ice cream companies are reducing the size of their products while leaving the price the same. If I owned an ice cream company that still made 1/2 gallon containers, I would film a commercial that went something like this (sorry I don’t know how to write a script):

I would show different people opening their smaller ice cream containers, looking in, and frowning. Then a voiceover would say something like, “Is something missing from your ice cream container?” Then one of the people would look at the camera and say, “Yeah, Ice Cream!”

Then the voiceover would come back on and say, “Lots of ice cream companies have reduced the size of their products but have left the price the same. Blue Bell still offers 1/2 gallons of ice cream and we don’t plan on changing. We just think you should get what you pay for.”

Of course companies may be resisting these kinds of commercials because they want to leave their options open.

6 thoughts on “If I Were A Marketer…”

  1. Awesome… you’re hired!

    I heard about this happening a while back. Some ice cream companies stick with 1/2 gallons went as far as putting “STILL A 1/2 GALLON” on the container… and I looked it up and it’s none other than… Blue Bell!

    You should send your suggestion to Blue Bell. You never know… sometimes small companies like that will take your suggestion to heart and actually make a commercial out of it! I’m seeing free ice cream for a year in your future!!

  2. This post almost reminds me of almost all of America’s corporations especially when it comes to food. I can remember when Taco Bell was actually decent for a CHEAP price. Now, you can eat somewhere nice for about the same price an Taco Bell’s food is absolute crap!

  3. I hate to break it to you, but that ad is far too honest and doesn’t sell a feeling enough to trick people in to buying. What you need is to open the ice cream in a bar/club and then suddenly all the hot chicks love you . . . or you come home and open ice cream and your kids run and give you a big hug and say how much they love you and know you care for them because you got X ice cream instead of that other garbage. You can’t sell a product on it’s merits alone, no one will buy it without being told it will fix all their problems and make their dreams come true.

  4. Hi,
    This practice is not new. For years, major food brands have literally inflated with air to make their products (like chocolate bars and bread) APPEAR to be the same size. So when shopping make sure to check the weights too!
    Loyalty4LIFE (to consumers)

  5. needs more cowbell, get it?

    but seriously this is a great dirty practice by companies. Think about when you buy stuff at the movies – there is no small anymore, just medium, large, jumbo. they dropped the smaller one for the medium and kept the prices. Or fast food places that now serve small drink/fries with the meal deals, but the price stayed the same. now that is a ripoff. Oh, you can get the medium sized back, but it costs you $.50 more. how kind of them.

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