JLP’s Roundup (May 5, 2008)

Time for another roundup. Here’s what’s been going on around the blogosphere:

Nickel recently wrote about his family’s asset allocation.

Flexo asks an interesting question: Would you tell your boyfriend you’re rich? – Two things: 1. I had no idea Flexo was rich and 2. I had no idea Flexo had a boyfriend!

FMF highlights a list of 10 ways to reduce college costs.

JD asks for help for a reader living on credit.

NCN continues his Debt Reduction Series with Planning for the Future.

MBH asks do you buy things from youth organizations or just donate? – For me it depends. My wife and I give to several charities on a monthly basis so we don’t feel too bad when we have to tell someone “no.”

In light of my post a couple weeks ago about hoarding, I found Wisebread’s post, The Ethics of Hoarding, interesting.

Francis Rose, co-host of Your Turn with Mike Causey and blogger at FCW’s The Paycheck, had Liz Pulliam Weston on their show. Check it out here (download). – I haven’t listened to the show yet but plan to soon.

The Digerati Life has some tips on where to find the downpayment for your dream home.

Jeremy asks: Is it smart to buy disability insurance?

Ron over at the Wisdom Journal has a great post about how behavioral changes can save you money on gas.

I just found out that Jonathan is as messy as I am! – Look at the picture in his post to see what I mean.

Finally, last but not least is another excellent post from the Finance Buff. This time, it’s The Tale of Two Charts. – This offers up proof that you always have to know what you’re looking at.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. The show with Liz is a good one–she was in studio instead of on the phone, and covered some basics and some more advanced stuff. She was great!


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