I Have a Feeling GE Isn’t Going to Pay For Our Floor

Well, the repairman from the store where we bought our dishwasher came out to look at it today. I think he thought I was an idiot.



This is very frustrating because last week when the contractor came out to look at our dishwasher, it was leaking slowly from under the door. However, since that cycle was run last week, there has been no leaks. NONE!

The repairman did say that we needed a new gasket around the door, but I don’t think the bad gasket would be the reason for the leak.

As it looks right now, I have no right to ask GE to pay for my floor. It wouldn’t be right.

What the heck do I do now?

My theory is that enough water backed up into the dishwasher from the disposal to cause the leak. However, this does not explain the drip drip that the contractor found last week when he was checking it out. I saw it with my own two eyes!

I don’t know what to do. I don’t really want to replace $1,600 worth of laminate with new laminate, only to have this problem again. I’m leaning towards putting tile in the living and dining room. My wife doesn’t like the idea as she likes the look of the laminate. I’m thinking the tile all through the entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, and utility room would be nice. She could put a big run under the dining room table to dress up the room if she desired.

The best thing about tile: I wouldn’t have to install it!

Anyway, if any of you are dishwasher or plumbing experts, I’d like to know your thoughts on my problem.

8 thoughts on “I Have a Feeling GE Isn’t Going to Pay For Our Floor”

  1. This is similar to an experience I had with GE field ‘service.’ We didn’t have damage yet, but the first guys said it was from using too much detergent, the second ones found the frame was bent. After that… I bought a Whirlpool.

  2. Tile can be a major disaster with a leak! Any crack in the grout will allow water to seep and ruin.
    Sometimes, if you have them glue the laminate flooring, you can prevent water seeping through. We have laminate in our bathroom and it’s held up much better than the tile (‘course we live where the earth moves a lot, so laminate is obviously more flexible). I’d talk with a few vendors. Tile is also very hard on the feet when you are standing for a long time, i.e. cooking. And noisy. If you didn’t have to do a dining area, *real* sheet linoleum (Marmoleum) is a nice product, and very earth friendly. We have had it in our kitchen for over 5 years and are very happy with it. Very attractive, easy to clean, etc.
    Sorry to be contrarian 😉
    Could you get an independent guy to look at the dishwasher? You certainly don’t want a repeat ……
    Good luck!

  3. I realise hindsight is always 20/20 but might have been a good idea to have taken photos of the damage when it happened. Now if only I can follow my own advice…

  4. I hate to be an “I told you so”, but, “I told you so”. The first thing these “customer service reps” tell you is “what’s the problem, I can’t find a problem”. The next thing they tell you (after you show them the damage) is “did you overfill the port fluid drain leading to the right ventricle loading portal?” Huh? Bottom line: it’s never their problem, it’s “YOUR PROBLEM”.




    PS: This is why I submitted my question of the day a while back. I’m surprised more folks didn’t comment.

  5. Tile anywhere but kitchen, bathroom, and utility rooms (questionable but it works) makes any home look hideous (in my opinion).

    Go iwth the laminate. 🙂

  6. Plumbing is weird like that. Most likely, you have an ill-fitting seal which got knocked out of place. After some manipulation, it went back. I’m sorry to say, you’re likely to have problems again in the future.

  7. File a claim with your homeowners insurance, ASAP.

    For sudden (i.e. not long term) leaks, coverage should be a no-brainer. Let them fix you up and they’ll get all of the information they need to subrogate against whoever is responsible (and likely get your deductible back for you).

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