JLP’s Roundup – May 21, 2008

Wisebread’s thoughts regarding inflation.

A look at NCN’s asset allocation. – I know lots of readers would like to see some bonds in his allocation. I, however, like his plan because he’s young and although bonds may reduce his volatility some, over the long-run stocks should provide a better rate of return.

MBH’s thoughts on buying a house at the market top. – My thought: DON’T MOVE!

JD went retro with a 1972 issue of Motor Trend and it’s list of 40 cars under $2,500. – The same article written today would have to read something like: “40 Cars Under $21,000!”

FMF’s response to my post from last week on charities.

Flexo doesn’t like the fact that gas stations in his area are charging different prices for gas based on whether you pay with cash or credit. – Although gas stations in our area aren’t doing this, I do know of a liquor store that offers a cash discount if you pay with cash or debit card.

Nickel and his new and improved allowance system for his boys. – This is very much like what my wife and I ended up doing with our kids.

The Digerati Life has 7 compelling reasons why investing for the long-term is better than short-term trading. – This is all stuff we should already know but it never hurts to refresh the memory.

Single Ma on being the new kid on the job. – Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it acceptable to break in afterhours and go through the personnel files!

Here’s 10 steps to take when you are in financial trouble.

Mrs. Micah’s post titled Steps to Overcome Your Fears is worth a read. – This is one thing my wife and I have always tried to instill in our boys (and our daughter once she’s older). Whenever something has come up that they are scared of (like dipping their heads under water) we have always lovingly helped them to address their fear. Sure, they were scared at first but eventually they overcame that fear. I don’t want my kids to be scared to try new things.

Finally, here’s Trent’s list of the eight books he has kept out of the hundreds that he’s reviewed. – LOL! I think I’ve kept almost all of mine!

UPDATE: I meant to include Ron’s 10 Steps to Becoming a Results-Based Leader but forgot about it. Anyway there it is. Now go read it.

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  1. Thanks for including it, JLP. I’ve had to work past a lot of fears…from my parents abandoning me (ridiculous) to falling down the escalator (maybe a little less ridiculous). Overcoming them has always been so freeing.

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