OT: You Gotta See This!

Jesse Cook is one of my favorite guitarists. Watch the video and in the link and you’ll see why.

Watch the entire video and REALLY PAY ATTENTION starting at about 2:28. Here’s the link:

Jesse Cook – Dance of Spring (Live)

Although the version in the video is top notch, I like the version on his live CD, Montréal (Affiliate Link), better. If you aren’t familiar with Jesse Cook, I suggest you give Montréal (Affiliate Link) a listen. If you like flamenco-style guitar, you won’t be disappointed.

One thought on “OT: You Gotta See This!”

  1. Wow! THAT was cool!
    I’ve got an anniversary coming up, I think I just came up with a really good thing to ask for!

    Thanks for pointing this guy out. I never knew there was such a thing as Flamenco guitar. I pick a little 6 string myself and was floored at his talent.

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