A Honda Civic With Leather Interior?

Honda Civic EX-L Leather Interior

The other day I was picking up my daughter at daycare and I noticed one of the other parents was driving a new Honda Civic. They parked next to me and as I was getting out of my car, I noticed that their Civic had leather interior. When I got home and did some research I found out that it was a Honda Civic EX-L. I think this is the first time that Honda has ever made a Civic with leather interior.

This is clearly a sign of what high gas prices are doing to the car market. Car manufacturers are trying to capitalize on American’s newfound taste for the small car and are adding luxuries like leather seats in order to give buyers some comforts that are usually reserved for bigger cars. I think this is a good move. I probably would have gone for the EX-L last year when I bought my wife her Civic but the model wasn’t yet available.

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  1. What is also happening is the Civic is becoming the Accord and the Accord is moving into different territory. Compare the sizes over the years and they have both grown so much…

  2. My grandparents just picked up an EX-L. It is a great looking car. This is the first year they have offered “factory installed” leather on any model. In previous years you could get it, but it was installed by a third party, through Honda. You are right on about adding luxuries to small, fuel efficient cars. We’ll be seeing more of these types of options in the future.

  3. erm, my 2007 honda civic (australian version) comes with leather interior as standard. Leather interiors have been available on Civic’s for quite some time now.

  4. yeah but leather is heavier than cloth. all that added weight affects the gas mileage on that thing.

  5. This is a nice car that I would consider if I was in the market. But, I drive 60 miles to work and back every day in my ’97 Civic with 121,000 miles on it that gets 34 mpg and it .. just .. won’t .. die! Actually, if I were truly looking for a new commuter car, I would look at a 3 year-old Grand Marquis or Crown Vic (big & safe) that I could pick up for $6K or so vs. a new Civic for around $20K. That difference will pay for a lot of gas (I figure around 56,000 miles worth).

  6. Hondas are soulless and boring IMO….no style or class…you can get that with other cars that are just as reliable and cost effective…Mini Cooper is a fabulous car just rated #1 in resale value…Toyota Rav4 and FJ Cruiser are great as well….i would also check out a VW Jetta…perhaps not as reliable as a Civic, but a much nicer interior and value for the $

    I dont suppose if you are buying a Honda Civic you are hauling around lots of cargo or family, thus my preemptive argument for the Mini…Nevertheless, you can seat 2 children in the rear seats of a Mini…

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