OT: Wal-Mart’s Changing Its Logo

From this:

To this:

Source: Wall Street Journal

According to the Wall Street Journal, the logo will be white letters on an orange background followed by a white sunburst. Another big change is that “Wal-Mart” will now be “Walmart”.

It’s definitely different. I suppose it does make Walmart look a little more up-to-date. Unfortunately, they still have their awful stores so not everything is changing.

What do you guys think? You like? It’s not gonna make me a Walmart patron.

18 thoughts on “OT: Wal-Mart’s Changing Its Logo”

  1. I like it. It looks much better than the previous cheap and tacky logo. There is no Walmart in my city, so it has no relevance as far as marketing to me.

  2. It looks like an asterisk. As in “always the low price*”

    *except when other places sell better stuff at equal or lower prices.

  3. I don’t have any strong feeling one way or the other. However, concerning their “awful stores,” there are millions and millions of people who shop there regularly and think very highly of the stores. Additionally, each time one is opened the Walmart HR department is inundated with job applicants. So while they seem to continue to be a target rich environment for a segment of our population, they continue to succeed at what they do.

    And I know, this will probably generate a boatload of negative comments, but that is what makes life interesting.

    Have a great day.

  4. Why do you dislike Walmart? If you need something at a cheap price there is no better place to find it. Walmart has saved Millions of Americans a lot of money. And, it has made other American business much better. They have to or they can’t keep up.

  5. Walmart can make their sign as pretty as they want, but until they offer livable wages and benefits to their employees, we’re not setting foot in their stores. FRED – look at the history of Rubbermaid and other companies that used to operate here in the USA, and check out Walmart’s role in pushing them overseas.

    And yes, their stores are awful inside.

  6. DJD,

    The “living wage” is a myth. Why? Because you can NEVER pay everyone enough! It’s simple economics. If everyone made a living wage, prices would adjust upward and put those on the so-called “living wage” right back where they started.

  7. The only time I head out to Sprawlmart is when I need my ice cream fix and they have the best selection. I find most of their food is not of the quality I’m used to and their produce is lacking. But ice cream selection is second to none. Personally I find going their a huge waste of time as they are not near my home and are huge, cavernous stores that take forever to get in and out of.

  8. I might be one of the minority who thinks that low prices was their moat. I shop at Walmart when I need to get something that I expect to be cheaper there and don’t mind the service. The logo doesn’t mean anything to me but the prices do.

  9. Funny…I like the old one better. The new one just looks boring.

    I don’t *love* Walmart but I don’t hate it either and visit every week to get my papers for $0.50 cheaper. I do find that I can get as cheap or near their prices for most things if I shop around but sometimes I do shop there for convenience.

    I am just now writing a post about people who have the “I don’t shop at Walmart” bumper sticker. People are nuts.

  10. I don’ think that changing their sign is going to make any difference. The only reason that I ever set foot inside Walmart is because I am out of town and can’t find anywhere else to go with out having to drive all over the place. Any company that can influence the level and quality of service from other companies for the worse is not a good thing. I don’t particularly like having to check myself out and still pay full price for things. Personally, if they were to close shop, I would not shed a tear.

  11. The logo won’t make any difference to me. I don’t shop there much because the one by my house is too crowded. The K-Mart across the street, on the other hand, always has plenty of parking spaces close to the door and the aisles are nearly deserted. Of course, their selection is inferior and the prices are probably higher, but what the hey?

  12. Here’s a better representation of their new logo, in color:


    The starburst or asterisk at the end seems derivative to me…reminds me of another companie’s logo, though I can’t exactly place it at the moment (I think it’s in the high-tech sector). Anyway, Agilent and Fedex Kinko’s logos did come to mind right away, and I think they’re also similar. I’ll see if I can come up with something even closer.

  13. As a frequenter of Walmart I don’t care about the signage. If I have to get a bunch of stuff, I can go to Wally World and get 98% at one place. If I need two or three things, I’ll go to someplace that is faster to get out of. In our town it is usually as cheap or cheaper than any of our other grocery stores.

  14. I think that changing the logo is taking away from the Walton name. Wal-Mart is losing its family focus.

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