We’re Looking at the Second Worst June in S&P History

As of Friday’s close, the S&P 500 Index is down 8.55% on a total return basis for the month of June. If things don’t improve during Monday’s trading, this June’s performance will be the worst June performance in S&P 500 Index history and the second worst in the S&P Index’s history. Remember, the S&P Index didn’t become the S&P 500 Index until 1957. Prior to 1957 it was composed of 90 stocks. Anyway, here’s a ranking of the ten worst Junes in the history of the S&P Index:

Although this June isn’t nearly as dismal as 1930’s -16.15%, it is still pretty bad compared to the other worst returns for June. However, take heart. This June’s pitiful performance is the 38th worst monthly performance of all months going back to 1926. In other words, it could have been a lot worse!

Oh, and in case you’re interested, Standard & Poor’s has a pretty cool performance tool that you can use to lookup the historical returns for the index. You can access it here. All you have to do is fill in the date and the table furnish you with the return for the index up to that point. Just be sure to use the TR or total return numbers if you’re using the index as a benchmark. It’s pretty cool tool. I use it all the time.

5 thoughts on “We’re Looking at the Second Worst June in S&P History”

  1. I read on another blog that dismal months like this make everyone “long-term investors.” As in, “I may be down tens of thousands of dollars, but I’m in it for the long-term.” Yah, right.

    Well, since I’m really, truly in it for the long-term, I hope everything bounces back before I really need the money in my IRAs. Since that’s not for ten to twelve years, I guess we’ll be out of the secular bear market by then and back into a raging bull. If not, well, look at the bright side.

    There is a bright side, right?



  2. This is a pretty dismal year for the S&P – all I can do is think long term. Close your eyes, head down, and keep moving.
    I’m so glad I found this blog. Such GREAT info.
    Thanks, Suzanne

  3. If you are buying into domestic indices you still have a little bit of time to wait before we reach the bottom. There will be an upturn before the end of the year IMO, but some, like me, will still want to see a fairly regular upturn before re-entering this and other domestic indices. Individual stocks however are doing well in some cases. I’ve actually made money in June, not much, but I’m in the black.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing that nifty S&P Performance Tool JLP

    For those determined to stay in for the long haul, you may just want to switch off your tv sets and avoid newspapers for the next few months. I have a feeling it’s going to be an extremely bumpy ride and the pain is only just starting on Wall Street. I’m not invested in the market yet but my savings are getting devoured through this.

  5. Interested in your thoughts out there on the purchase of a fixed indexed annuity. Right now we’re retired on a modest fixed income in Panama. Don’t need much to live well here. BUT we’ve suffered nearly $70K loss in a high yield tax free bond fund. Still getting great monthly dividends…but the principal caved with the sub-prime disaster when insurers got hit. So thinking about Fixed indexed annuities…(.fixed to the S&P), low income, better chance principal
    won’t disappear. Assets really locked in.

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