This is What Kraft Easy Mac Looks Like When You Forget to Add Water

A little Wednesday humor for you.

My son (I won’t name him but I will say he’s my youngest son) tried to make some Kraft EasyMac without water. Here’s how it turned out:


I was sitting at the table and all the sudden I started smelling a burnt smell. The microwave was filled with smoke and made a lovely aroma that filled the entire house. From now on he’ll be stuck making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No more “Easy Mac” for him. It’s not good for him anyway. LOL!

Oh, and I’m looking for a lawyer so that I can sue Kraft Foods. It’s all their fault since they didn’t explicitly state that cooking the noodles without water would fill the house with putrid smoke!

15 thoughts on “This is What Kraft Easy Mac Looks Like When You Forget to Add Water”

  1. That works as well as putting toast sticks in for thirty minutes rather that thirty seconds. LOL

  2. Don’t blame your son. I did much worse when I was a kid, including blowing up three plates and catching a paper plate on fire.

  3. Tom, come on. You know he was being sarcastic. I did this before too, on a larger scale. I usually make two packages at once… well one time I got distracted and forgot to put the water in. Then I put it on for 5 1/2 minutes. Disaster! The microwave is coated in a yellow film and the entire house smelled like HORRIBLE HORRIBLE ass for the next week.

  4. oh wow, I thought that was a bucket of worms for fishing or something! the photo totally caught my attention.

    reminds me of how Cher baked cookies in Clueless…

  5. Sue Kraft? When they post the instructions on the box, on the packets, or on the bowl it comes to microwave it? Easy…means it’s quick, they are not promoting this as a young child can do it on his own without parent supervision. I would say at least the first time, or first few times, a parent should be around to supervise and walk the child through it. It’s either the microwave for a quick and easy meal, or you can stick with the oven.

  6. I am a news reporter in Athens Ohio and am doing an article on the number of college housing fires caused by Easy Mac. It’s ridiculous how many kids don’t put water in it!!! Duh! Also the smaller bags of popcorn. People just push the “popcorn” button on their microwave and forget about it. Most fires here in my city are caused by college kids cooking in the microwave.

  7. I did that in my mom’s house yesterday.
    Mine was more burnt and worse than that.
    It was horrible.

  8. i just want to know how to rid my house of that horrible burnt plastic smell ..and my microwave…i have guest for christmas in 2 days.. my daughter also forgot the water…its putrid smelling

  9. Ok…Considering I worked for and sold Kraft products and had a young child at the time I can see your frustration yet sueing is a bit over the top. Can your child read? My son was not allowed to cook anything unless he could read the directions!

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