4 thoughts on “I Might Be Bloggin’ In The Rain Tomorrow!”

  1. Good luck! We don’t have hurricanes, but we have a derecho headed right for us in the next hour or two. Hurricane force winds already reported with it. Since we lose power in little more than a strong breeze, it could be lights out tonight!

  2. Take care .As a Mom who’s baby moved to your area in Jan. I am watching the weather there closer than ever.

  3. Just stay away from the microwave Mac & Cheese!

    Bloggin’ in the rain, just bloggin’ in the rain…

    Kind of catchy, isn’t it?

  4. I am here to stand my ground with you in this rain. The rain has started to come down on me and looks like quite a bit more to come. Fortunatly it would appear that we are both far enough away from the coast that it will just be windy and rainy without much problems.

    Best of luck to you too, and enjoy the day with your daughter.

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