This Is My LEAST Favorite Time of Year!

Here’s why:

That’s the projected path of Gustav. You can click here to see an updated graphic.

FYI – I realize I’m not the only one impacted by hurricanes. I inserted the red dot with the word “Me” next to it in order to give you a frame of reference as to how close my town is to the storm’s projected path.

Anyway, I hope this isn’t a repeat of Rita.

14 thoughts on “This Is My LEAST Favorite Time of Year!”

  1. I grew up in North Carolina (mountains, not coast). Of course our big fear from hurricanes was rain and flooding. But I remember Hugo in 89 that was still hurricane strength in Charlotte and even in the mountains. It was pretty fearsome – tornadoes spawning from it and plenty of destruction. But still nothing compared to Hazel back in the 50s (that was the big one in the Carolinas)

    Now I live in Memphis. We like hurricanes cause all the New Orleaneans come here to evacuate and we party with them til the hurricane goes away and they return home (or at least that’s how it was until Katrina 🙁 ) . But last Monday a band of rain from Fay swirled through us. We had about 4 inches of rain in an hour and most of the city saw flash flooding at rush hour nonetheless. It was six feet deep in some of the underpasses – cars were completely submerged. On the six lane boulevard behind my house I saw a Mercedes and a Volvo floating down the road. And a few SUVs tried to pass through, unsuccessfully.

    So I feel your pain, although it isn’t as direct or as painful as those who do have to evacuate. Good luck and remember, its just material possessions you are leaving behind – your family and pets are whats important.

  2. Stay safe, JLP! I guess we can expect power failure on your end soon (ie – no computer access, again!)?

  3. Hope you have your 72 hour kit sitting by the front door, and gas in the car. We will be thinking about you this weekend.

    On another note, the forecast is for snow above 8,000 ft. in the mountains of Utah this weekend.

  4. I will pray for you this weekend. Hopefully nothing comes of Gustav for anyone.

    Sunny, clear, low/mid-80s all through the weekend here in Michigan.

    Then again, we’ve suffered enough from Hurricane Jenny (governor) and now Hurricane Kwame (Detroit mayor) who have teamed up to wallop us with a one-state recession for the past 6 years.

  5. Good luck JLP! What’s one more “storm” this month?!!

    Miss the politics…too bad you’re devoted to just FP!! 🙂

  6. JLP, I’m surprised about your location. I thought your were in the north part of country. To my disbelief, you are a stone’s throw to Houston where I’m watching Mr Gustav …

  7. Hey didn’t know Chris put you up on our home page. Hope you guys are all doing well and safe. Well can’t wait to see you all at Fall Fest. We got a dart board. Our forearms are killing us and I have put about 50 holes in the wall. Opps.
    Well hope you are all safe and sound and so is your home. You should really just move to Kansas. HAHA

  8. I live in Houston, but we haven’t even had rain today! Gustav was very anticlimactic for Houston, but I have family in Beaumont/Nederland area and they had to evacuate (also very anticlimactic since the storm is farther east), but they were also very nervous because of Rita. I’m not sure where you live in TX, but it looks like our state is only going to get a BUNCH of rain tomorrow.

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