14 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Blog With Ike in the Gulf”

  1. I am in southwest part of Houston (actually Fort Bend) and I expect some good rain and heavy winds. I am hoping that our power does not go out, but will survive.

    I am sitting in on this one with you, and I am at work both today and until noon tomorrow!

  2. I’ve got a spare house you can stay in in Illinois!! See, that’s the flip side of this lousy housing market! Stay safe…

    xoxo, slm

  3. So glad I live in Washington. The worst I have to worry about is the lahar if the mountain erupts (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_cyG2dJPpc)

    I do live on the hill, and work on the hill so as long as I am not hanging out in the valley I’m good.
    In fact, that stretch of freeway near the end of the video where you look down on the valley…I’m about 2 miles from it…heh!

  4. In the spirit of the judgemental posts that have taken over the blog…

    “I can’t believe some parents would risk their kids by staying in the path of a hurricane when evacuation has been recommended. What’s wrong with parents these days, are they that attached to their “stuff”? Can’t forgo a few of their favorite TV shows to fight the traffic with the other evacuees? What’s wrong with these people? Are they waiting for the government to give them taxi stamps?”

    That said, hope everything works out fine for you JLP… even if you are a grumpy old man 🙂

  5. Houston isn’t New Orleans. New Orleans is UNDER sea level. Houston is at sea level. There may be flash flooding and localized flooding, trees down and the like, but its nothing people who live in hurricane prone places aren’t used to.

    Besides Houston is at least 4 times the size of NO. There is no way that many people could be evacuated in less than a week.

    I think I’d be with you – get plenty of water, be prepared for the power to be out and just hunker down in my house. Hope you are safe.

  6. JLP – Just want to be sure you know I was kidding, my thoughts are with everyone hit by the hurricane. And my wallet is praying the refineries make it out ok too!

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