I’m a Wandering Evacuee

My evacuation route reminds me of The Family Circus cartoons of Jeffy running all over the place when his mom sends him on an errand.

The kids and I decided to take a trip up to Kansas to visit family. We were originally going to go to Kansas this weekend anyway for my 20-year high school reunion. But, since my wife is needed at her plant, she couldn’t go with us. We’ll be here until Sunday and then HOPEFULLY we’ll have power back in our town. From what I have read, our kids will be out of school until at least next Monday.

I have heard relatively good news about my house. Several friends and family went by to check it out. We have a “huge” branch in our driveway, some messed up flashing, and a cracked fascia board. WHEW!!!!

Anyway, I should have some time on my hands this week, so I’ll TRY to get back to blogging. Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers have given me some great post ideas… Also, oil is now down to the lower 90’s!!!!!! Can you believe that?

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  1. “oil is now down to the lower 90’s”

    Why are gas prices still going up even after the price of oil has been going down for some time now? The price of oil goes up by a dollar and gas prices creep up. The price of oil goes down by a dollar and gas prices stay the same or go up slightly. I know there are many factors that go into the pricing but it still seems odd. I tried to find a graph showing the price of oil versus the price of a gallon of gas but I cannot seem to find anything. Would you have any opinion on the matter?

    I have heard comments that the price of gas reflects the price of oil several weeks ago but I figured I would ask for other opinions…

    Thank you for any reply you or any other readers may have.

  2. Adam,

    I’m pretty sure the oil price drop is due to inventories (and speculation) and gas prices are up for the same reason due to Ike. At least that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work. I think in the long run, gas prices will drop if oil stays low.

  3. I think it’s awesome that oil prices are down and gas prices are up. I love continually getting raped at the pump!!!! Sometimes I just drive by gas stations without even needing gas and throw money out my window and laugh!!!

  4. Thank you for the comment JLP. For those of us who are new to this kind of stuff, you blog is great. A couple of years ago would have found me complaining about the situation and not really caring about the reason. Now that I find myself wondering about these things, it is nice to have many different resources available to pull information from.

    Best of luck to you and yours as you deal with your current evacuation. 🙂


  5. FYI: in places like California that get their gas from non-Gulf refineries, prices are down and still going down, although CA gas prices generally are higher than the middle of the country.

  6. Glad to hear you guys made it through Ike fairly well. My parents live off I-45, between Houston and Galveston. They didn’t have much damage to their home, but there were quiet a few homes in their neighborhood that did. It will be a long clean up effort, but thankfully the overall damage was not as bad as was predicted.

  7. J
    I went by your house today and someone has cut up the branch into small manageable pieces. If I could attach a picture I would. Consider yourself very fortunate as a drive around the Calder, Kennedy, Hooks street area is about the same as after Rita. You do not have power as of today. Comment for Patrick: As in the difference in a recession and a recession, if it happens to you, it is a depression (;>).
    If we are able to read this, we are all fortunate.
    J, tell your family hello and keep us updated on their rainfall issues as well.


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