Ross Perot’s Three Wishes for the American Public

AFM reader, commenter, and friend, Tom, sent me a link this morning to Ross Perot’s website, I like Ross Perot because I think he truly wants what’s best for the America. While browsing his website, I watched the video on the main page. Towards the end of the video Perot was asked what his three wishes for the American Public were. This is what he said:

1. A strong, moral, ethical base where people keep their commitments, do what they say they will do. That’s what we had when I grew up during the depression.

2. A strong family unit in every home so that children get the ultimate support. Sadly, we have over a 50% divorce rate now.

3. Have the finest public schools in the world. Believe it or not, we had those during the depression. Today, our public schools rank at the bottom of the industrialized world.

Imagine what this country would look like if all three of his wishes came true!

To his list I’d like to add two of my own:

Politicians who put this country first instead of those who make promises in order to get elected.

The end of lobbying!

What about you? What would your wishes for this country be?

14 thoughts on “Ross Perot’s Three Wishes for the American Public”

  1. Those all sound good.

    To edit yours a bit, I’d say, Politicians that believe in civic duty rather than their own personal gain.

    And I agree with the end of lobbying.

  2. We need to put an end to career politicians. It’s ridiculous to have people in power holding the same position for over 3 decades in many cases.

    This should be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Instead, it’s a government that’s sometimes for the people, by people who make it their entire career to sit around and wield power.

    I will never have much faith in either party of our government until regular people are able to serve successfully, or we can stop people from making it their entire life to sit in congress.

  3. Part of the problem is the simple machinery of elections. In a huge society, the only way one can win votes is to become “famous”. This takes a long time or a lot of money.

    I’ve been developing a crazy idea that the House of Representatives members should be chosen by lottery in much the same fashion we draft juries and grand juries.

  4. “Politicians who put this country first instead of those who make promises in order to get elected ”


    You are actually fortunate to have politicians that you have now. Compared to the kind I have in India, they are saints !!

    – Prasanth

  5. It’s unfortunate that because of the breakdown in morals and the proliferation of unmarried women with multiple children with multiple partners we get students that don’t want to be educated and birth mothers that don’t care.

    Our school systems have be come welfare organizations where do-nothing bureaucrats support incompetent teachers that can’t be fired because of destructive unions.

  6. Jimmy,

    Remember, for every unwed mother running around, there’s an irresponsible father running around too. It takes two to tango!

  7. As an outsider who is in a country where luckily we have this, I would wish for my American brothers a government who kept their fiscal house in order, not running deficits and making payments towards reducing their debt, so that the citizens could, over time, keep a greater share of the fruits of their labors, and a citizenry who supported those goals so that things would be better for every subsequent generation, rather than worse.

  8. Sorry, JLP, I have gone around and around on this. 99.99% of the time, if the mother doesn’t abort or give the child up for adoption, she keeps it and the father is long gone. Although it takes 2 to tango, it takes 1 to use protection. Since the woman is the gatekeeper, she can control things. After the first child, you’d think she would be more careful. Since this is recurring behavior, I am led to the conclusion that the first child was not an accident.

  9. You probably can’t get rid of lobbying, but we could make it illegal to vote on any legislation where a lobbyist had given any money to a senator or congressman…that would probably have the same effect!

  10. Jimmydageek, im not sure where you get your information, but its not very representative of the entire population. Why is it only a womans responsibility to use protection? Also, teacher’s job security is anything but high. Due to budget cuts and irresponsible spending within the education system (not to mention the low pay), the majority of teachers dont last 5 years. And also, probably the most important point, why do i care so much about some anonymous guys posting that i felt the need to respond? I dont have an answer to that one.

  11. I agree with Jeremy. Career politicians only leads to complacency. How can you learn about the real world, let alone your changing constituency, when you’ve been in Washington your whole career?

    I would love to see the same for the Presidency. One 6 year term. This will keep the Executive Branch fresh. It will also eliminate that year before reelection where nothing gets done.

  12. Surprisingly enough, I agree with Obama on one of his bailout propositions, and he agrees with Perot.

    Raise the FDIC limit to $250K.

    That is a great idea. Not only will it increase confidence in their banks, it will cause more people to add to their deposits, which boosts the books of the banks that might be hurting.

  13. end of lobbying? how the heck does congress know what to push if their constituents don’t lobby?

    yes, we all get the politicians only making promises; however, my congressman is never at fault. why else do we have so many that have been in since the stone age? if you want to hold congress to the fire, the first comes with your vote to stop voting for the same people all the time. oh that’s right though, your congressman has done lots to promote your state’s interests.

    i agree with ross, although i wish he was taller and didn’t have big ears. then again, i have crooked pinkies and a bent nose, so not everyone can be perfect.

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