I’m Starting a Political Blog!

I have decided to start a political blog because I need a place where I can vent. I need a place where I can say whatever the heck I want to say and those who are offended don’t have to read. I am also planning on bringing on some other contributors (maybe up to five). So, if you’re conservative and would like to be a contributor, send me an email and I’ll set you up. I have two contributors in mind but would love to add 2 or 3 more.

I registered the URL last night.

Anyone want to guess the name I picked?????

The first person who correctly guesses the name will get a $10 gift card (or e-certificate) to Amazon.com [sorry Stacey, you’re not eligible to enter since you ALREADY know the name].

UPDATE: The very first commenter, Daniel, guessed right! It’s AllPoliticalMatters.com! I’m way too predictable for you guys! I should have gone with AllThingsPolitical! Anyway, Daniel’s the winner and I’ll be sending him an Amazon.com e-certificate.

37 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Political Blog!”

  1. I’m guessing you picked the name AllPoliticalMatters.

    Why do you have to have a conservative contributor? Why can’t a liberal person contribute so you can get different perspectives?

  2. Daniel,


    I guess I’m too easy!

    Why do you have to be conservative? Becuase the DailyKoz needs some freakin’ competition! LOL!

    Seriously, it’s because I want it that way. Maybe someday I’ll be open to changing it up. Right now, I want it this way.

  3. JLP-

    Sounds good! Even though it will be conservative I’ll be a reader. I feel it’s good to get different views. Good luck on the new blog and hope you continue to keep this one high quality as well!


  4. I will guess these…

    The Beginning of the End.com?
    Liberals suck.com?
    Don’t Blame Me I Voted Republican.com?
    America Chooses Left.com?
    You Did It To Yourself.com?
    OH No Here We Go.com?

    I don’t want to contribute but I’ll add a few amen comments to the content. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the launch!

  5. Hey. I’ll offer to write you a guest post on why I used to be a Republican and why they get a big fat fail in my opinion. If anything, it will generate a nice discussion on what’s wrong with the GOP these days.

  6. Don’t you want a liberal or two to contribute as well? I mean, if it’s going to be All Political Matters? After all, it would help stir the pot and get debate going on your site. I’d sign up to be taken to the woodshed again and again for my crazy progressive/liberal views… 😉

  7. Libertarian vs. Conservative

    They aren’t the same, especially in terms of social issues. But, I would agree an argument can be made that they tend towards similar thoughts in terms of the level of goverment responsibilities and fiscal prudence.

  8. Darn, I’m too late. I was going to guess the new URL to be MyPartyBadlyScrewedUpMyCountryButIt’sStillTheLiberals’Fault.com

  9. I was one of the people bugged by your political post, but at the same time I am happy you are starting another blog for your political posts. I definitely lean to the left, but at the same time, I really want some more conservative blogs to read to round out my perspective. So, thanks!

  10. Weighing in on the new blog –

    First of all, I offer my best wishes to you for your success in blogging in the political realm.

    I would consider myself politically something of a centrist. Recognizing that I don’t know everything about a given issue, I enjoy reading/hearing/seeing material discussing it. I welcome input from liberals and conservatives; all I ask is that the views are expressed in terms that show the originator has given some thought to his/her position and can present those thoughts in a fashion that does not degenerate to name-calling and innuendo (Hannity, anyone?). If you subscribe to this style of forum, I (and, I suspect, many others) will gladly embrace the project and will thoughtfully consider your words within. Go forth and blogify!

  11. I called it in your earlier post! LOL.

    I don’t think I’ll dare step foot in the other blog though. 😛

  12. EN,

    What I really want is reader participation. I do believe that we can discuss these things like adults—mature adults. In other words, I WANT you to stop by and read and comment EVEN if you don’t agree with me!

  13. Darn, I would have won! Your last comment answered my question as to whether disagreeable people can comment 😉 I’ll be there 🙂

  14. Yana,

    I am sad you even had to question that!

    Despite what some commenters might think, I do not delete comments that disagree with me. The only comments I delete are those that are hateful, spam, or full of bad language.

  15. As others have noted, Libertarians are different because they don’t try to legislate morality.

    As for the name, I think AllConservativeMatters would’ve been more accurate if you’re only going to talk about one side of the coin.

  16. jadem – couldn’t agree more. However, I probably would be considered more left of center . . . and like EN probably won’t step foot in the other blog.

  17. Nickel,

    Yeah, I thought about AllConservativeMatters after another reader mentioned it, but I want to leave my options open and kind of plan for the future. This may be short-lived or it may be something longer-term. Who knows…

  18. And to think…I was there when it all happened! I think the new blog is a perfect solution and will enjoy HUGE readership!

  19. Nov 4, 2008 was a sad in America and will go down in history. Many Americans are fearful and scared and listened to Obama ( hoping that he would be their savior) During the 1930,s, the German people where also in despare and followed their leader. I hope history does not repeat itself.

  20. I’ll be there! I am tempted sometimes to post political stuff on my blog, but I’ve made a determination to ONLY post family stuff since the political stuff just starts to get too stressful! Still, I’ll read yours and let you take all the stress!

  21. JLP, I am pleased you are starting another blog. I enjoy reading posts from all over the political spectrum – I find they keep me on my toes, and also steer me away from trying to argue with political tropes. Anything that teaches me to think is good – and I appreciate your keeping it separate from your financial blog. I’ve got different folders in my RSS reader for a reason 😉

    That said, comment #32, in which Obama is compared under the radar to Hitler, I think pretty clearly falls under your category of “The only comments I delete are those that are hateful, spam, or full of bad language.”

  22. I am a little disappointed you would invite conservative contributors. I really think our country would do better if all media outlets (including blogs) had a healthy discussion from both sides, instead of catering to just liberals or just conservatives.

    BTW, did you mean social conservatives or fiscal conservatives?

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