The Dow is Down 21.99% Since the Bailout Was Announced

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 10,482.85 on October, 2—the day before the announcement that the $700 bailout had been reached. Today the Dow closed 8,282.66 for a total percentage loss of 20.99% since the bailout was announced.

I thought this was supposed to happen IF we didn’t get the bailout!

Let’s face it: times are going to be tough no matter what we do. But, according to an article I read in today’s Wall Street Journal, which Meg already mentioned earlier today, this might be a great time to ease into the market.

5 thoughts on “The Dow is Down 21.99% Since the Bailout Was Announced”

  1. I really wish we had a way to see where we would be standing right now if we had denied the $700B bailout plan, it would be really interesting.

  2. Its interesting that there have been so many hopes with the so called Bail-out plans by the US.The point is ,if you are gonna use the money to ail the beaten down horses,it is still a bad investment.The need of the hour should be to draft stringent policies and have a regulatory body to act proactively instead of being so reactive.
    Even the recent 500 $ billion bailout gave a sigh of relief to the markets,but it couldn be sustained.

  3. Like I said, get out while you can. The market is going a lot lower. The bailout plan was a bad idea from the beginning – as I have said. Now it’s just getting worse. The government cannot solve the problem – they ARE the problem. Congress should take the money and economic power away from the Treasury and the Fed Reserve should be shut down.

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