Check Out Ramit’s “No Christmas Gifts This Year” Project

Ramit of IWillTeachYouToBeRich is always up to something. Check out his latest project:

Here’s the idea behind the website in Ramit’s own words:

This year, Americans are planning to spend over $400 on Christmas gifts. Instead of buying things we can’t afford, here’s a way to do something more meaningful.

I like this idea. Especially, when you consider that we still have 12 million people paying off last year’s Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Check Out Ramit’s “No Christmas Gifts This Year” Project”

  1. Great idea!

    My dad works for the airlines, so he, my step-mother, my husband and I all fly for free (less taxes). So, we’ve decided we all have enough “STUFF” and instead of giving more “STUFF”, we’re flying to Savannah, GA for the day to eat dinner at Paula Dean’s restaurant. My dad and I are huge fans and we both love to cook. When he asked us what we’d like for Christmas, we just said, “Nothing. We’d like to MAKE memories.”

    Thanks for sharing, this JLP. And Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I have heard of a very original idea for a x-mas gift. Someone claimed that because stock is cheap, one could give some 20-40 shares of any-big-name-company as a gift to your close relatives. My view is that it is probably better to set up an IRA account for your spouse, and buy a large-cap mutual fund on some small sum, A nice, long lasting memorable present, that is tax deductible, too!

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