34 thoughts on “Wal Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Crazy Shoppers!”

  1. Wow. That’s insane. It’s horrifying what people will do for money — and even to save some money!

    It’s not worth it, folks.

  2. That is just horrible, and I’m disgusted at how stupid people are. It also makes me doubt that financial times are that hard if people are still spending money on the basis of a traditional capitalist holiday. Buying what one needs is one thing; buying because the marketers tell you to is another. It’s discretionary spending, which wouldn’t be possible if times were really bad. Then again, maybe the masses are really smart, and buying their needs ahead of time due to reduced prices.

    I went to the bank and the grocery store this morning. Both were unusually dead.

  3. Dang. Being trampled to death by a bunch of crazy women trying to get the best deal. Not the best way to die.

  4. There’s two thoughts in my mind here. One is the tragedy of the death – nobody deserves to die on the job, least of all a retail floor worker. The other, the blind, stupid materialism that led to that number of people being there in the first place. This guy died just so that Wal Mart could have a higher profit level in the run up to Christmas. Sad.

    Another thought came to me while I was typing that – I wonder how many of these people can actually afford the items they bought? I can’t help feeling that these are the people who’ll be on welfare during the next year because they overspent instead of saving for the hard upcoming year every one of us is going to face. It’s this blind materialism that led to the crisis in the first place, and it’s sad not to see it reduced when the writing’s on the wall about the economy.

  5. People die from all kinds of ways and from all kinds of events every moment of every day.

    This is one tragic event and unfortunately it gets all of the press.

    Millions of shoppers went into thousands of stores today and only one thing happend…shopping.

  6. It seems to me that of the 5 comments that have been posted the point is not the adults and people who trampled another human being but why they were there. I really feel pity for the five of you. Placing your ideology (by casting blame on another) above human life is sad. I feel sorry for the family of the deceased, and for those who have committed murder. May god have mercy on their souls.

  7. This is truly a sad story.

    However I have to agree that this is just one story.

    Locally two people were hit by a car on their way to a Walmart.

    In Saint Louis child were separated from their families by rushing crowds and ended up not being reunited until later at the police station.

    So where were these stories on the News sites and Stations?

    All these people with no money shopping, and right in the middle of a credit crunch. Humm.

  8. As a WalMart associate who worked this morning at Black Friday Fest, I had reasons to be Thankful, for our customers and associates were all courteous if a little excited. I had noone disrespectful or uptight when I could not give them the TV or bargain that they were looking for to (I work in electronics). (LIfe is better in Mocksville, NC). The news about the tragedy in LI reached our store about lunch, and my heart went out to not only the family of the associate (of course) but to the employees of that store as well. WalMart associates are a close knit group. I couldn’t imagine losing one of our guys like that. What a crazy world!
    Oh.. and to the comment below about Online… WalMart.com offers free shipping to any local Wal-mart and there were blitz specials onling as well. Maybe that’s the safer way to go.

  9. I just wanted to express my disgust toward these people. Tis the season right? And to Vince from above,…I guarentee that there weren’t only “crazy women” involved this morning at Wal-Mart!

  10. If I were his family, I’d sue Wal-Mart to the fullest extent. Wal-Mart, along with the all the other retailers who share in this ridiculous marketing scheme that goes as far as overnight customer camp-outs, create the frenzy, but aren’t prepared to control it. This is truly negligent homicide, but Wal-Mart will use the money that they don’t use to pay their employees decent wages to hire lawyers who will get them off the hook. When Black Thursday as we know became a retail practice in the 1950s, the world was a very different place. Today, many schools hire armed guards, and they are closed environments. What do they expect from public mobs? And most suburban Wal-Marts are placed in rough neighborhoods to begin with. Even if this kind of tragedy didn’t happen in other places today, the potential was still there.
    I also blame the shoppers who are so gullible as to fall for this retail farce that has ruined a holiday that in the United States really lasts one only day anyway. I remember when I worked in retail in the 90s, customers would return gifts with bits of wrapping paper still attached on Christmas Eve 10 minutes before the store closed, and I thought to myself, “What kind of a holiday is this? Shouldn’t these people be home enjoying the company of their families and friends?” I guess not. And so I left retail forever.

  11. Echoing the “that is really sad” statements, after reading this I had to think, “What deals were so ‘hot’ that customers would literally rip the doors down to get to them?”

    I looked at the list of Walmart deals and saw nothing worthy of even ordering online, let alone driving to a store to line up at the door.

    The $300 Compaq laptop? A 2 year old Celeron mobile? Not worth $300, especially when considering things like the HP 2133 or the MSI Wind are at/near that price point and are far better.

    The $400 720P hdtv? At a non-native (blurry) resolution…sure. But not worth ripping the doors off and trampling a man to death for goodness sakes (that being said, I am not implying any deal is worth trampling someone, let alone to death. It is horrific).

    As to Mr. Anti-Walmart – I don’t think the liability should be on Walmart. Rather, I think they ought to round up the folks using security footage and charge them with manslaughter. Let the associate’s family get their dues from the customers.

  12. Vince says “Dang. Being trampled to death by a bunch of crazy women trying to get the best deal. Not the best way to die.” As someone who was there, I can GUARANTEE that there were not only women in this group. In fact, many of the men were as (or more) aggressive in getting the deals that they wanted.

    As so suing Walmart – now we have to blame corporations for the crazy behavior of people give up common sense? As a part of the “mob” this morning, I would content that each individual has the responsibility of behaving in an appropriate way. No one in America would stand for armed guards at the doors of every Walmart in America – because we still believe in the capacity of individuals to restrain themselves without having to be forced. This is not Walmart’s fault.

    Also – the corporations wouldn’t employ these “ridiculous marketing schemes” if consumers didn’t pay for it. If you don’t want to shop on Black Friday, don’t. But there are some of us who really enjoy the crowds – feeling like we get a good deal, being out with all the other people shopping for people they love, and celebrating the official start of the Christmas season. Don’t take away the fun for all of us just because a few people turned materialism and selfishness into a tragedy.

  13. I read through some of these posts, most notably Andy and Vince, and think man, what callous morons. Sure there were other stories of people being hurt, but this guy was working. It wasn’t like he was out there because he wanted to be.

    What the hell is wrong with this world when a man, the son of someone or maybe even the father and husband, dies because he is unlocking the doors of the business he works at, and all you people can say is “Not the best way to die” or “People die from all kind of blah blah blah”…morons…I don’t even know why I read the news or go on these websites anymore? I read the thoughts of so many dumbass’ and think “Wow these are my fellow American’s.” Where are the hearts of people.

    This is just a sick ass world we live in and it’s evident by the events at Wal-Mart and by the posters on this site.

  14. I have to agree with Sara on a few points.

    America has gotten to the point where large crowds can’t always be controlled because despite the fact that “the capacity of individuals to constrain themselves” is a truly American ideal, not all “Americans” today are very American. A look at the news footage following this incident is evidence enough. Compare this with the crowds shown at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade the day before and NYC’s police presence.

    Neither a big company like Disney nor any city in the US would host a crowd event without proper security – why should Walmart?

    My prayers go out to the man who was killed, and to his family and friends and Walmart employees who have lost a coworker.

  15. It was a tragedy that could have been preventable with the right training and supervision.

    Anytime you get a mass of more than about 50 people trying to get through a door, it can be dangerous. There are procedures for handling it, but I’m pretty sure a temporary employee hadn’t been trained in them.

    My experience with crowds makes me think that I the people in the crowd were vicious or callous, necessarily. In fact, if the people at the front of the crowd DIDN’T proceed in they could have been crushed as well. In some sense, the people at the front HAD to proceed or forfeit their own safety.

    The tragedy could have been prevented if one or two people at the front of the crowd recognized the danger and had the the ability to lead the crowd to back off. There are people like that, but in most cases, those people would recognize the peril of waiting in front of the doors of the store with a large impatient crowd at their back, and just wouldn’t be there.

    This man’s death was a waste and a shame from my perspective. He stood the chance of making maybe $60 for his day’s work, and now he’s dead. I do believe that WalMart bears most of the responsibility, because they are in the position to know that there will be crowds, and they are in the position to either establish or not establish safety guidelines and procedures and training.

    My prayers go to this man and to his loved ones, and to those who may have unwillingly participated in his death by being part of the crowd of shoppers at the door.

  16. I work for Walmart and I gotta tell you I am honestly not surprised. Every year associates get hurt and it’s not unknown to hear of one getting trampled on. It’s sad what people will do. What’s even more sad is people will not learn from this. They will still go in next year with the same force and psychotic behavior as they did this year. They don’t care they want their deals…

  17. This is just so sad. Yes, there are tragedies happening every day and there are people dying of deseases and in accidents and as result of crimes. But this was so senseless and unexpected. He wasn’t driving, he wasn’t sick, he was doing his job, probably looking forward to making a little extra money and spending holidays with his family. How many people go to work at Walmart thinking they are risking their life? Now his family has to organize the funeral. How many people in the US are killed by the mob for a few hundred dollars?

    I second Preston in wondering what was so special about these deals that one needed to stay up at night trying to get in by 5am and then run in like crazy.

    As to those blaming the store. Any business tries to sell more and advertise. It’s especially true during these times when the profits of all retailers are down, and there are questions as to which retailer will go out of business this year. Sure so far Walmart has been doing better than more expensive stores, but most analysts believe this is temporary. Yes, Walmart may have organized it better given that they expected a large crowd especially if someone gets injured every year as the poster who works at Walmart says. So yes, the victim’s family could sue the Walmart and probably will. Do you know who’ll end up paying for your lawsuit if Walmart loses? A CEO or those in the management whose responsibility it should’ve been to protect the employees? Or regular Walmart employees who may end up laid off if Walmarts earnings go down. My bet is it would be the latter.

  18. I am disgusted hearing this story. I think all it really boils down to is the lack of morals and lack of love that people have for one another these days. Too many places in the U.S. have become full of selfish pigs, instead of loving humans. I guess we can thank our wonderful pop culture that tells us that the only person who matters in life is yourself, and you should never be satisfied, and always want more more more.. more money, more toys, more beauty. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and you should do WHATEVER you need to to get it. people, we need to join together and stand against the culture that is taking us over. Just say no to the influence, and be a good example to others.

  19. Crowd control is just common sense. How can Walmart hype up sales, attract large numbers of people and then let some seasonal employee just open the door when its time to come in? That’s just insane. Walmart is definetly responsible for this poor guys death. And isn’t it supposedly “patriotic” for us all to spend money we don’t have?

  20. This is exactly what is wrong with society. One year it’s a PS3 and the now this. Why are we sending troops over to problems in other countries when there is a huge one right here.

  21. This is not the first time this has happened as a result of a “doorbuster.” Walmart had a reasonable expectation of something like this happening and I hope they get sued to Beejeezus. Stores must stop doing this; the people in the back push the people in the front right over anyone in their path. Nobody knows whats happening and there is no way to control it. This is irresponsible marketing. Period.

  22. If you recognize anyone in the video, please ask them how much they are enjoying their TVs, since they only cost $700 and a human life. What a bargain.

  23. Thats Disgusting. Sales are no reason to kill! seriously why even wait at a store for a day just to have to leave because you killed a man. And the people who wanted to say YOU are just stupid!!! That pregnant lady shouldn’t of even been there in the first place but seriously Why get so rilled up up just for a sale. I hope you can live with you selves because i wouldn’t be able to.

  24. There are so many reasons to boycott Walmart and this is just one more to the long list. Walmart sells garbage merchandise that breaks down and brings the people back to buy yet more garbage merchandise. Someone died in the store and yet they reopened the store later that day. WOW! Thumbs up Walmart!!! Thumbs up!! Walmart does not respect it’s employees by paying them min. wage and no benefits. It rapes and pileges small towns leaving a path of mom and pop store carnage with it’s Happy Smiley Face sales.
    BOYCOTT CRAPMART!!! Your merchandise made in China SUCKS!!!

  25. I work at target and though we had no where near the number of people waiting that this walmart had, with a little planning and commonsense it went off without a problem. We started forming a line night before as people showed up, away and out of view of the doors, all our security was there walking up down the line keeping it thin so there could be no forward surge, yes the line was extremely long but it was safe and controlled for both shoppers and the employees.

  26. This is one of the saddest stories I’ve seen. No wonder I don’t like crowds. What a tragic thing to happen to that man’s friends and family.

    All because of people who think they’re getting a bargain.

  27. They should get enough people in the pictures and put them to justice, Put their pics on the news and offer money, someone will turn them in!…. I look at the people in those pictures and can safely say YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!.

    If they don’t use the pictures to bring the “Animals” to justice then shame on the police fop not doing thier jobs!

    We had lines here, but we all know how to walk like humans and have recspect for each other, we all got our deals without running over and killing anyone…

    I hope you all live a horrible life from this day out, maybe in hell they have a walmart just for you and you’ll have to wait in line for eternity!!!!!!!!! LOSERS!

  28. this not cool he has a family that lost more than a few bucks they lost a family member.so u guys are SICK. you are goin to live with this for ever u guys are SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. As a Wal-Mart associate myself, I would like to offer my view point on this tragic situation. First off I would like to say that a life was taken that will never be able to be given back, no matter how much money is given to the family. Second, There are always better precautions to take then the ones that were used, it is up to Wal-Mart to provide a safe working environment to their associate and this means thinking and preparing for the “impossible.” Thirdly, even if noone was trampled at any of the other stores, people are rude, pushy and downright mean. They go into frenzy of selfishness, greed, and insatiable hunger to get the best deal. I have seen people at their worst on this day, as I have worked at this establishment for over ten years. They knew that they were stepping on someone and did not care to notice the life they were taking. I hope that as the corruption of greed consumed them, so to does the guilt of their actions. When working, shopping or whatever, this day should not be viewed as going into battle. That is exactly what it is. People run over you to get that T.V., throw a punch to get the latest new toy, and ram you with their carts or various body parts to get to where they think they should be. They lie, cheat, steal and does whatever it takes to get what they want (reguardless of how.)
    They are rude to the associates and this is the day that rules that usually apply in a civilized society are thrown out of the proverbial window. All that is import is more…more…more. This type of behavior sickens me. This man was working to support himself and probably a family. Wal-Mart condones this type of behavior by using the ideal of “the customer is always right.” Yes, they are stealing us blind, abusing our workings not only mental, verbally, but also physically but we still will appease and please the customer. I hope people realize how they truly act on this day, step back, breath and become more considerate of their fellow humans. The holidays are in its very core about the love, family, tradition, and celebration. Yet, we again focus on the material, thinking that the gifts we buy will fill the void and absentness from our families. Tell you what, save your money, work less, buy less and spend that time (instead of money) on and with your family. My deepest sympathy goes to those who lost their loved one because of the stupidity and selfishness of others. All I can say is the next time you feel the need to be abusive and rude to your fellow human kind, take a step back, breath and remind yourself what is truly important.

  30. i think that the wal mart employee did deserve to die becuase wal mart is the worst shoping place in the world and all of thair emploes r nothing but pure assholes

  31. I was at Wal Mart this morning, only to buy milk. Outside were 3 police cars parked right out front so your chances are slim if your going to walk out with a flat screen TV (unpAID) AND ALSO THERE WAS RENTAL GATES EVERYWHERE so like cattle, you could form a line into the store in order

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