I’m Bringing Back the Blog of the Week!

Beginning January 5, 2009, I am bringing back the Blog of the Week feature.

Each week’s BotW will be featured in the upper right hand corner of this blog. I will also try to write up a feature post about each week’s selection (we’ll see about that one).

Anyway, this will be my way of trying to reach out to other bloggers. I have been way too stingy the last couple of years and have gotten away from some of the things that I used to like about this blog.

If you have a PERSONAL FINANCE or INVESTING blog that you would like to nominate for Blog of the Week, please send me and email with “Blog of the Week Suggestion” in the subject line. You can send your email to JLP – at – AllFinancialMatters.com.

I have a feeling 2009 is going to be the best year ever for AllFinancialMatters!

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