OT: How Many Songs Are On Your iPod?

I FINALLY got an iPod! My wife bought me the 160 GB iPod Classic. I LOVE IT!

Every CD I own has been ripped and stored on my music hard drive. I have spent some time over the last few days, going through my music library and loading up my iPod. I even purchased one of those cassette adapters so that I can play the iPod in the car. The sound quality isn’t perfect but it will do until I get an iPod-ready stereo.

The really cool thing:

NO MORE CDs IN THE CAR! I used to have 30 or so CDs sitting in my car at all times. Now, I have an iPod.

Anyway, I’m curious to know how many songs you have on your iPod. Naturally the number depends on the size of your iPod but I’d still like to know. So far, I have 8,907 songs (or files as there is a book included in those numbers). Nearly all of my files are ripped at the highest quality, which means they take up more room. But, according to my iPod, I have nearly 70 gigabytes of empty space left.

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  1. Wow, I have only 3,928 music tracks, total. Don’t have an iPod (don’t like being trendy), so those are all on my computer.

  2. Wow, you have a ton of songs. Are those mainly all ripped from CD’s or all purchased or downloaded? I have about 4K songs and thought that was a lot. Any recommendations for new music to listen to?

  3. 13 songs. I was given an IPod Shuffle from my former boss as a “thank you for being a great employee gift” last Xmas. I didn’t know how the thing worked as I rarely listen to music (don’t even own a CD), but my boss reassured me that I could download podcasts and audiobooks — so I decided to keep it.

    At the time I didn’t have internet at home, so I put it in a drawer. 3 months after getting internet, I remembered the IPod and got around to downloading a few songs. Listening to audiobooks would be cool, esp in my car, but I can’t stomach the cost of downloading a book when I can download books for free thru my local library — the only problem is that those audiobooks aren’t IPod compatible!

  4. 12000 odd. I am still yet to transfer all my old cassettes to the iPod also. That’s time consuming.

    I’ll confirm the numbers when I get home.

    BTW my lovely wife bought me an orange 16Gb nano ipod for Christmas. What a excellent mate to have.


  5. I use my ipod almost exclusively for my car. No more scratched CDs, trying to find the right one while driving, etc. Plus, having your entire music collection in your car is pretty rad. If you’re into music quality (which I’m guessing you are since you ripped your songs to the highest quality) I really recommend upgrading your car stereo to one that has an aux. port for your ipod, it makes a huge difference.

    I only have 4 GB worth of songs (in a 30 GB classic) but I have lots of other stuff.

    I downloaded Bejeweled onto my ipod. It’s only $5 and it’s a good distraction when ever I find myself having to wait in a long line. ITunes also has free episode of random shows, I download those and watch it whenever I’m out and bored (like waiting for an appointment). I also store my pics there so I can use it as a brag book (“Want to see my nephew?! Isn’t he cute?!”).

  6. You know, you can get FM transmitters that will sound better than cassette adapter, plus you can use them with any audio device so that your iPod doesn’t make you iBroke buying iCompatible iOverpriced devices.

  7. I was up to about 6,500 songs when my MP3 player died a couple months ago. It only died because I dropped it on Halloween Eve. VERY bummed.

    I do NOT recommend the FM transmitter for your player – I have two of them, and they are both garbage (one was cheap, the other was supposedly top of the line). I used a cassette adapter which was perfect.

  8. We had one of those FM transmitters and it never worked in town, only on the highway where there were no radio stations. Chris would have to hold it just right to pick up a signal and then try and drive as well, it was a waste here.

  9. @JLP – One word of caution. Do not leave the iPod or accessories in plain sight while away from your car. All it took for me was to leave a cassette adapter in sight and I got my window broken out as the thief thought they could score an iPod.

    @M – You can get free audiobooks compatible with your iPod at librivox.org, archive.org, gutenberg.org, and at the iTunes store. In the iTunes store, search for audiobooks and make sure the download price says free. One of the best readers that I found there can also be found at classictales.libsyn.com. Another “must listen” podcast for me is “History according to Bob” in the iTunes store.

  10. I have an 8GB nano and have 1300 songs on there, almost full with that.

    I use my ipod at work and also when I work out etc, but in my car I am still a sucker for listening to CD’s, I like going through my binder and picking out what I want to listen to that way. My stereo does not have a input jack either so that is less reason to give up my CD’s.

    I am also not a fan yet of buying my music online only, I like having the physical CD still, partly because I carry them around as I do.

    I guess one day I will have to welcome the new trends but not just yet.

  11. Philip,

    I have NEVER purchased music online only. I also like having the actual CD. You never know when a hard drive might crash or something like that.

  12. I’d tell you, but our office was broken into last night and my iPod (which I stupidly left on my desk) was one of the missing items 🙂

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the bastard that stole it…

  13. BTW, my Christmas present to myself was 8 CDs from the local music store. Then my sister asked me why in the world I bought CDs when I could have gotten what I wanted off iTunes, funny thing is she is about 12 years older than me and wants it that way instead!

    I wonder what media might come out to replace a CD but still carry with me similarly, maybe something that won’t scratch quite as easily would be my only wish.

  14. thats cool so you can fit still more and more songs.well i have 8gig ipod nano and got around 1200 songs all are high quality and got some photos of my loved once.

  15. I have probably 8000 songs on mine. I ripped all of my old cds. Perhaps this is an ethics question for another day, but someone could also get cds from the library and rip them to your ipod.

  16. I have a 30gb Creative Zen…had it for like two years now…take pretty good care of my stuff. I am not sure how many songs I have on there, because I take songs off and on all the time. I have about 28gb stored on it now…as for music on my computer I have like 10,000 songs in total.

    As for quality, it ranges from V2, V0, 320, I won’t go lower or rip into FLAC(not mp3). I think some media players can handle FLAC now, but unless your an audiophile, whats the point?

  17. My Winamp library is currently sitting at 11,200 tracks, more or less. Pretty much all of that sits on my 160gb iPod Classic, which including some epidoes of Scrubs, has about 53 gigs left.

    Most of my CD rips and music downloads are in lossless FLAC format, so they’re quite large. ml_ipod plugin for Winamp converts them to a format the iPod can read upon upload.

  18. I don’t have an Ipod…still using the Sony Walkman Cassette Player…I have cassettes and some 8 Tracks that I still use…can’t seem to break free of the old technology…

  19. How did you get a 160GB version? I read they stopped making that in favor of the 120 GB version. I now have more than 120 GB of assorted stuff on mine and dread the thought of replacing it if I had to do so. Having one has made it a “must buy” for me. 🙂


  20. with 160gb ipod you can also use this musice device as a portable hard drive. few people know about this feature. it can be handy to back up or transfer large amount of data.

  21. I have been using the Rhapsody To Go service for over 2 years. I think it’s the best deal around, and I have over 6,200 songs at this point. Even though it’s a monthly subscription service, I don’t plan on canceling really ever, so I’ll take the $14.99/month for as many songs as I can transfer, rather than spend 99 cents per song.

  22. I have 10,175 songs on my 80 gig classic, also a couple thousand pictures and a few videos

  23. 19,024, at the moment.
    It’s a lot of my CD collection and 100 or so purchased from the ITunes Store.
    Variety is the spice.

  24. I have the 80 gigabyte ipod classic, and the 5th generation ipod 30 gigabyte ipod video. Which format do people recommend? The aac format? or the mp3 format? Because I want to have lots and lots of music on my ipod and I want to save a lot of space as possible. Is there a way I can still have good sound quality with 128 kbps? if so would it be mp3 encoder or aac? I need some suggestions because on my ipod 30 gigabyte ipod video it held 7500 songs for example: I only could of held up to 5,108 even though it says 7500 songs. And i dont want this to happen for my 80 gig ipod. Please let me know. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thaanks

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