2008 Benchmark Index Returns

December 31, 2008

Okay, the markets closed about 30 minutes ago. Here’s a quick look at how some of the major U. S. market indexes performed for 2008. NOTE: These are not total returns. I’ll publish total returns as soon as they are available.

I don’t know about you but I’m happy to say goodbye to 2008!

6 responses to 2008 Benchmark Index Returns

  1. I think “bad year” is an understatement. We’ll see how the market reacts with a new government in place and corporate belt tightening.

  2. Last year was a brutal one for the market. Hoping that 2009 is better.

  3. This is so painful because it takes nearly a 70% gain to recover from a 40% loss. I am really looking for a way to avoid at least some of carnage of these bear markets. It may take us several years to recover. Dollar cost averaging during these down times helps. I always try to increase my investing during a down market. I increased my 401K to 20% withdrawal.

  4. Ouch! I didn’t do the math to realize a 70% gain would be needed to recover!

    Being a recent college grad, i’m not too concerned yet as I have a lot of time left. Todd makes a good point about increasing 401k investments at this low point- especially for young investors like me.

    Thanks JLP!

  5. That hurts. I’m confident 2009 will be better though.
    I just hope everyone is keeping up/increasing contributions like some of these posters. It is a bad response to pull out or quit investing, and that is a mistake that far too many people will make.

  6. No question the past several months have been extremely difficult. I thought this link on the Bogleheads Forum my be encouraging:


    Also, Chris has a great point about bad responses. Unfortunately, the data suggests that November 2008 was not a good one for investor behavior. I discuss here: