Ten for Tuesday (January 13, 2009)

Here’s this week’s Ten for Tuesday. Enjoy!

1. My friend, Lindsay, details how she and her husband are handling allowances.

2. We have a food pyramid so why not an asset allocation pyramid too?

3. Rebuild Your Nestegg – 17 moves to secure your future now.

4. Jeremy agrees with Robert Kiyosaki—again… – Look for a Robert and Jeremy book in the near future…

5. The Finance Buff discusses the differences between 0% APR, same-as-cash, and no-interest-no-payments.

6. Protect your FICO score as more inactive credit card accounts are closed. – From a bank’s point-of-view, this makes perfect sense. People are losing their jobs and the ecomony is down. The last thing a bank wants is for people with no income to suddenly break out the credit cards.

7. The Digerati Life offers up some pointers on preparing for a job interview.

8. Glblguy over at GatherLittlebyLittle received this email and would like your advice:

I am very inspired by your website. I think I started crying at my desk when I started reading it. I am in a extremely large amount of debt. A lot of it is stuff in my husband’s name that he does not know about. I feel like failure and a thief. I wonder how I got myself into this mess and how do I manage to get out without my husband leaving me. I am scared and worried sick. I was able to make the payments before but it is getting harder and harder and there are lies after lies. I am scared my husband will leave me. I pray about this all the time and I am asking God to help me but I feel like my spiritual relationship is not strong. I am looking for help. I don’t want to lose my family.

9. The Frugal Duchess and her plan for building a better a budget.

10. Wisdom Tree’s Jeremy Siegel’s Quarter Four Commentary (PDF).

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4 thoughts on “Ten for Tuesday (January 13, 2009)”

  1. Haha, thanks for the mention. No, no upcoming book with Bobby K. While he does have a few financial nuggets of wisdom, it’s too bad you have to wade through so much garbage to find it.

  2. Thanks for including the article JLP. Hoping some of your folks can (and probably already have) shared their perspectives. Always hate receiving emails like that, but feel honored that I can help her out some as well.

    Thanks again.

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