25 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing to Say…”

  1. Here’s an interesting topic(that I never knew until I won your book contest)that bonuses paid out by Mar 15, 2009 can be included in your 2008 income taxes. Never knew that. Not sure how one could use that in their tax planning other than to get a higher refund now instead of a year later. And I don’t think TurboTax software has that option.

    The book was the PWC 2009 Tax Planning guide.

  2. I like the honesty! I sometimes have nothing to say too, then I sleep it off. 🙂 I found that taking a warm shower and driving around a little stimulates my subconscious to come up with something to say…eventually!

  3. How about a discussion on whether to take Social Security at 62 and then consider paying the money back at full retirement age to get the full benefit. Some issues are dying before full retirement age and your spouse getting a reduced benefit and is it really worth it to pay back what you’ve received to get the full benefit.

  4. How about explaining the tax break first time home buyers can get. Now is not a bad time for some people to buy. Some one mentioned it may be 7500 through 2009?

  5. I’ve been feeling the same way! Perhaps it’s because it’s been information overload in the media lately (and always, come to think of it). Taxation is a good topic, but one that takes research and precision to write about – not the easiest task to tackle. 🙂

  6. I always wanted an insider to explain the intricacies of annuities. (Are they ever NOT evil!!) I know they’re all different beasts w/different surrender charges and such, but I’d like to be enlightened in a straight-forward, non-legalese way.

  7. I have a tip for those who have T.Rowe accounts and want to use Turbo Tax. You can go thru the link in your T Rowe on-line account and save some money off the normal TT fee.

  8. Something about taxes would be pretty cool, or if now is a good time to buy cars. My friend just got a 5% loan for her car and is super psyched!

  9. In this economy there are quite a few folks who are changing jobs (Either voluntary or forced). An interesting topic would be how to handle the 401K, retirement funds etc.

    My $0.02

  10. I’d love to hear about almost any topic relating to how to plan for medical costs – both for oneself/spouse and for parents.

  11. @#18 How about: stay in school, don’t get pregnant (or impregnate!) until you’re ready to properly support a child, live below your means, and focus on caring for/about yourself, your family and your community?

    So in 2 words: personal responsibility.

  12. The Hospital Insurance Trust Fund; that fund we pay 1.45% and employers pay 1.45% of all taxable income. That fund that pays for the hospital care you receive through your Medicare Part A entitlement. It went cash flow negative last year and will be bankrupt in seven short years.

    When that happens, the government will only be able to pay out approximately 75-80 cents on the dollar for health care. Talk about a mass exodus of hospitals from a market where profit margins run in the low single digits.

    The unfunded mandates of Medicare and Social Security are upwards of 80 trillion dollars in the next 30-40 years.

    Without any action in the next 365 days, On Jan 1st, 2010 a congressional mandated 21% cut in physician payments takes affect. For a physician office that runs a 50% over head, that 21% cut in revenue becomes a 42% cut in take home pay.

    This will decimate an already decimated primary care base in this country. And we cannot have universal health care access without primary care.

    The health care finance crises we are currently in is of the magnitude of 30 to 40 times larger than the several trillion dollar collapse of our banking system. The current economic crises is nothing compared to what looms ahead in unfunded health care mandates.

    Now you have some stuff to talk about.

    My recommendation to everyone? Eat right. Exercise as often as possible. Stop smoking immediately. You will thank me now for not having to show up for medical care in a few short years and all the physicians and hospitals have either left, quit, or shut down.

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  14. I’m all for personal responsibility. Pointing the finger at it like just doing that will fix all of the problems that we currently have — responsibility or not — I think is akin to sticking your head in the sand.

    I’m in the same boat. I pay my mortgage. I live below my means. Nonetheless there are a bunch of idiots out there that didn’t and now we are all paying the price. All I’m saying is in my opinion Obama has to do something because doing nothing doesn’t seem to be working.

  15. I am personally looking at and dabbling in personal budget mind tricks. I am the typical American right now, to much debt, no savings, check to check, and no end in sight. HOWEVER. I am smart.. I am like the college professor that can lecture for hours about a topic but has no practical experience. HOW do I bridge the gap? I know what I am supposed to do. How do I do it?

  16. How about the huge impact of mutual funds fees on you retirement funds? There’s a nice GAO Study out there that talks about it.

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