Thank You, Coca-Cola!

Last night I had to go to the grocery store for a few things. I went down the soft drink aisle to pick up a 12-pack of Coke (my FAVORITE soft drink). Kroger was selling 12-packs of Coke products for $4 each (and that was their “low price”). I looked at their 24-packs, which are usually quite a bit cheaper but they were selling for $7.99. I used to pay $6.49 for the 24-pack and about $3 for a 12-pack.

All the sudden Coke has gotten a lot more expensive.

So, I decided then and there that I didn’t need Coke. I don’t need the sugar, and I don’t need to pay more for what is essentially crap.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Coca-Cola for making my decision to stop drinking their product A LOT EASIER!

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  1. Pepsi did the same to me when they changed their packaging from 12-packs to 8-packs. The new 8-packs sell for about the same price as their old 12-packs. It made quitting a lot easier.

  2. That’s a simple way to quit, just realize you don’t want to waste money on the item anymore. I bet there are so many people who wish they had your mentality. Whether smokers, or any other vice people have.

  3. I felt the same way about soft-drinks. They used to sell 2L bottles of coke or Pepsi for 99 cents. Then they were only on sale sometimes for 99 cents, so I’d stock up then. Now they’re only very rarely on sale as low as 99 cents … when they are I load up mostly for guests but otherwise I don’t drink it anymore. It’s up to around $1.89 at the grocery store for 2L.

  4. It’s been 120 days since I had a soda. I’ve also given up other sugary products and starchy foods. It feels so good to skip an ENTIRE isle in the grocery store – the soft drink / chips isle! The caffeine headaches last a couple of days – and then you’ll be fine.
    Rock on,

  5. JLP I too LOVED coke until one day when i decided i just didn’t want to pay for it anymore. I quit cold-turkey, and it was a great decision. When I have a coke from time to time (at a friend’s, or the occasional formerly irresistable fountain coke), it’s not NEARLY as good as I remembered – too syrupy and sweet. I defintely am happy with my decision and think you will be too!

  6. I have the opposite view. $1-2/day is very cheap for the pleasure I get from drinking soda. Compared to coffee, alcohol, smoking, etc. it’s hard to argue against soda.

    BTW, at CVS this week you can get 6 12-packs of Pepsi products for (essentially) $10. So that’s ~14 cents each + tax.

  7. sodaclub dude. i was spending a ton on sparkling water/club soda, now I put the bubbles in myself. no caffeine. no calories. you can add syrup too if you want.

  8. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to quit when you hit that price threshhold.

    I haven’t noticed 8 packs. I can’t stand companies that try to trick you with this marketing.

  9. As one who has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of said soft drink company, it’s interesting that when Coke raises their prices for the first time in 20 years people lose their minds. Beer distributors have been been raising prices for decades and no one cares.

    In 1968, on average, a bottle of beer was cheaper that bottle of Coke, yet people are ok spending $8.50 for a beer at a bar but freak out when the drink machine is $1.25.

    So the profit margin for soft drink companies has progressively shrunk while the cost of ingredients have gone up. And in the meantime America has been duped to buy overly burnt coffee at outrageous prices. In return, soft drink companies had to come up with ways to sell the masses even less of a product (see any energy drink or flavored water).

    While I shed no tears for one of the institutions in American business (they still spend more on advertising globally than any other company), I hold to judge business practices until I understand them.

    One commenter noted that you can still find 2L at $.99 at places and if you watch the sale papers, you can find 3/$10 12 packs in stores. Both of which are 1988 prices — for an American made product.

  10. bootska,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your knowledge.

    Nobody here is losing their mind over this. I just don’t like paying more for the same thing. It’s human nature.

  11. Good move JLP and good luck! Hope you can stick with it when that craving for a cold, sugary drink hits you tomorrow — or the caffeine headache from withdrawal sets in.

    @ bootska – what a laugh — “less of a product” — as if cola drinks are much of anything to begin with! 🙂 Besides, what does it matter to you about others’ choices of drinks to enjoy, whether it’s “overly burnt coffee,” energy drinks, flavored water, or an $8.50 bottle of beer? Did I miss the 11th Commandment that says all humans must enjoy the same drinks equally?

  12. @ Steve #15 But it wouldn’t be “fair”…oops, sorry. I’m flashing back to another post… 😉

    Although I’ve been getting used to Diet Coke again, I will not, I repeat I WILL NOT sacrifice my delicious rum and coke to see it ruined w/a diet coke. Red can all the way, baby! And don’t forget the lime…

  13. @ Stacey #16 — I’m totally clueless on your point about “fair.” Are you referring to another comment of mine, yours, JLP, or someone else??? And how does that relate to what I wrote in #15? Just curious and would appreciate any clarification.

  14. I have been frustrated with the prices of Pepsi too. The advertised prices are 3 – 12packs for $13. My consumption has slowed.

    Waiting for the exclusive $2.50 a pack sale again. Usually the 4th of July sales will see a $1.99/pack. But I can’t wait that long.

    To be honest I hope people don’t cut down on the soda/pop because I have stock in Pepsi and Coke 😉

  15. My favorite soft drink is Diet Dew, and I have noticed the price increase for 12 pack as well. I have switched to 2 liter bottles recently as the cost/ounce is better than for a 12 pack (at the place I shop).

    Also, since I mostly drink Diet Dew for the caffeine buzz, I have started drinking less at work and popping a caffeine pill instead when I get to work. Works great, saves money, and I end up drinking more water instead.

  16. Yes, I’ve noticed the increase in prices and the lack of good sale prices lately. I’m a Cheerwine fan and I can’t get it for less than $4/12 pk. I either do without or just pay the price and drink sparingly.

    But as the wife of an endocrinologist I can tell you that cutting out soft drinks will do wonders for your health. My husband says the leading reason he sees his diabetes patients is soft drinks (the 2nd reason is starch in foods). When he tells a new diabetic they have to cut out soft drinks, juices, and sports drinks some start crying. Can you imagine crying because you have to give up Coke? Nevermind your health, daily shots, decreased circulation to your limbs, poor eyesight, and shorter life expectancy…you are crying cause you have to give up Coke!!

    Anyway – good decision on your part – not just for financial reasons, but for health reasons as well. I applaud you!

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