The Top Ten Best Companies to Work For

I received Fortune’s “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” issue in yesterday’s mail. Here are the top ten (sorry no link to the article):

1. NetApp

2. Edward Jones

3. Boston Consulting Group

4. Google

5. Wegmans Food Markets

6. Cisco Systems

7. Genetech

8. Methodist Hospital System

9. Goldman Sachs

10. Nugget Market

Surprisingly, two of the top ten are grocery chains.

4 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Companies to Work For”

  1. I agree with 9 of the 10. I don’t know about Goldman Sachs though with more layoffs coming and a lot of the perks being eliminated.

  2. Wegman’s are awesome! I never worked there but their stores are so nice. I wish they’d move just a little more east in NY so one was close to me.

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