Question of the Day – Where Do You Buy Your Clothes?

I haven’t posted a question of the day in a while.

Here’s today’s Question of the Day:

Where do you buy your clothes?

For me, almost everything I buy these days comes from Dillards. Most of what I buy at Dillards, I buy during the off season at reduced prices. I used to shop at Penney’s but I just hate our store. They did a “remodel” of our store and it’s WORSE than it was before the remodel. I just hate going in that store.

My wife shops wherever. She likes Kohls, Penneys, Dillards, and Talbots (although she thinks they are overpriced). She used to buy cheap but has gotten away from that because she just likes the quality of some of the higher-priced clothing.

For the kids, we shop wherever we can. My oldest son has gotten into the Abercrombie and Hollister stuff (I wrote about this awhile back). My wife and I will pay for normal clothing and if they want something else, they can pay the difference. What’s killing me is the price of shoes! My oldest is now in men’s sizes and I swear they double in price from the biggest kid’s size to the smallest men’s size. I HATE shopping for shoes.

For our daughter, we shop at Dillards, Penneys (a little), Gymboree (overpriced, so we shop there just a little), and Target.

What about you? Where do you find yourself shopping the most frequently?

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  1. We don’t buy a lot of clothes. Most of our clothes come from Ross and Nordstrom Rack (Nordstrom’s outlet).

    We used to buy lots of clothes at Mervyn’s until they went out of business. Their regular prices sucked – which was part of their problem – but they had awesome sales, and they always had good brands.

    We occasionally buy hiking and outdoor clothes at REI (although always out of season when they have deals).

  2. Old Navy is a good option. They cycle through their clothes pretty quick so you can usually get in season clothes on clearance for half off. When you catch their additional 50% off clearance sale, the prices are comparable, if not better, than most thrift stores. Their quality isn’t the greatest but it’s pretty good for the price you pay. I used to shop at Target a lot but the quality is pretty disappointing. With everything I buy, the hem starts to fall and fray after a few wash. I’m trying to buy more clothes from thrift stores, I like to scout out vintage pieces. It’s better for the environment, the clothes are more unique (and of higher quality), my money goes towards charity, and it’s cheaper.

  3. I tried to curb my buying of clothes in the clearance sales this year. I must admit I’ve bought clothes in the past I’ve never worn, purely because the reduction in price went to my head!

    That said we seem to be living in a permanent sales environment nowadays thanks to the financial crisis, and it does look like changing for a while.

  4. We buy our clothes almost exclusively at Kohls. We hit up the sales. We can get pants and shirts for my son for anywhere between $3.80 and $15 (jeans). And I rarely pay more than $20 for anything for my husband and me ($20 is a splurge). Clothing of reasonable quality for good prices.

  5. I don’t buy clothes very often, but when I do it’s usually at Charles Tyrwhitt, Jos. A Bank, or wherever a shirt comes from that I get as a gift for Christmas. I’ll also usually go to Goodwill once or twice a year and pick up a few t-shirts or a pair of jeans on their 50% off sales.

    My wife shops almost exclusively at Target, and with a little one on the way, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot more of that store in the coming years.

  6. If you know the shoe size you can buy them online for a very good price, especially sports shoes. I usually use and there clearance section has good shoes for under 30$.

  7. Honestly I usually shop at Nordstrom or Banana Republic. However I shop very infrequently (maybe 2-3 times a year). I prefer to have fewer high quality pieces to mounds of cheap stuff.

    I spend about $3,000 a year on shopping, and I get 6-15 carefully selected (generally designer) items for that. I know lots of people who spend the same amount at Target and end up with drawers full of black sweaters and tank tops in 22 colors instead.

  8. I am like you, I picked up alot of stuff last year at dillards during their end of season clearance. Some good deals on good quality clothes. Yes there is a huge difference in a dress shirt from dillards and from target.

    Other than that I guess I get daily jeans at sears or something and most my t-shirts are from races and other events that I participate in.

  9. I shop at Penney’s, Target, and Lane Bryant, mostly, with a little bit of Macy’s and Torrid, and some of the places like Ross and TJ Maxx. I end up looking for a certain piece of clothing (i.e. spring/summer blouses that aren’t t-shirts), I end up going in five different stores and trying on 10 pieces at each place to find 2 that I like and look good. This is why I could never buy from catalogs. My husband likes Old Navy, but unlike jin6655321, I find their quality worse than Target’s.

  10. I always buy my clothes at outlet malls. I am a big fan of Banana Republic, and they always have good deals for very quality clothes at the outlets.

  11. Gottshalk’s – Fashion Bug – Target – privately owned boutiques on occasion, and online a bit more often than that. But clothing expenditures for this household are low, as I really do not like shopping for clothes. The last time I bought pants for myself (corduroy) was about a year ago. They were on sale for $12 at Fashion Bug, and I bought 5 pair in different colors. Also got a pair of jeans online for $14.

    My husband likes shopping and finds it easy, but only does so about a couple of times a year for one or two items. Now and then he finds something online as well.

  12. American Eagle mostly… Luckily my job allows me to wear casual clothes to work everyday. Jeans always, and any combination of polo shirts, button ups and sweaters.

  13.! They have an option where you can input about 30 of your measurements, and they will set up a “personal shop” site for you where they will ONLY show you things that will look good, and are in the styles/colors you say you like. Better yet, they pick the sizes for you — which for women is a VERY big deal. (Seriously — depending on the brand of jeans I can wear anything from an 8 to 14, which is why shopping in the real world makes me cry.)

    Even better? If you are registered with them, shipping is FREE (including return shipping). Better yet, they have great sales — right now all their previously marked down stuff is an extra 50% off. Their prices are all over the map — they have stuff that is expensive (especially things like business attire), but they also have stuff that is more in the Dillards type price range. With the big sales, you end up paying closer to Target prices on casual clothes. ($80 jeans marked down to $25.)

    I love them. I hadn’t had jeans in four years (because I couldn’t figure out my size after having two babies back-to-back), and ended up buying seven pairs.

    And no, I don’t work for them. But I probably should — they could just pay me in clothes!

  14. I confess I deplore retail, even if it’s a good sale. I really hate shopping. But I do purchase much of my clothing at consignment shops and thrift stores (that’s much easier for women to do than men). It is utterly amazing what can be found for a fraction of retail. I don’t purchase anything trendy. I stick with classic, timeless pieces of good quality. I also buy machine washable as much as possible.

    I have lousy feet, so I do not skimp on shoes. I purchase well made, quality shoes, often at the Shoe Mill or other similar store. I don’t mind forking over $100-$150 for a good pair, but I make them last for years. Again, I avoid trends and stick with classics. I have my shoes resoled when necessary, and I keep them in great shape with a regular dose of shoe polish and leather conditioner. I hate it when someone is wearing a nice outfit but their shoes are in poor shape!

  15. sometimes walmart for khaki’s and an occational button down shirt or tie. for a lot of button down shirts i go to dillards/jc penny/kohls etc but only to the clearance racks, i never go to the regular priced items or items only 20% off. if its not atleast 50% off then i won’t even look at it

  16. I shop at Goodwill , Macy’s on the sale rack, Ann Taylor on the sale rack, and very occasionally at Ross for a shirt or two.

    I just generally have found that the higher priced stuff leaves me with higher quality clothes, and that doing Ross/Target/etc too often just leaves me with clothes that melt after five washes. And note when I say “higher priced” I’m still not talking crazy boutique stuff. But I’ll pay 40$ for my jeans instead of 20, but you’ll never find me paying 100.

  17. I shop everywhere except the expensive retail shops and that’s because of markup. I always look for quality construction and fit. I once was a training instructor for a major suit manufacturer sewing facility, so I know well-made clothing. I don’t buy designer clothes unless they come from thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sale or designer outlet stores (on sale!). People who are willing to pay high dollar for clothes are usually buying trends from which I stay away. Advice: Look for well-made garments with classic design; it’s always “in,” and buy what looks good on you. I too have trouble for shopping for my teen-age son, and I’ve given up trying to convert him to my way of shopping. However, if he wants something that’s more than I’m willing to pay, he has to pay the difference.

  18. TJ Maxx all the way. You get good name brands and they are fairly cheap. That said I haven’t had a reason buy new clothes in a long time. If anything I have too many clothes.

    I’m not that big into fashion and it doesn’t play a role in my career as long as I have a couple of nice clothes. I could probably go another 5-10 years with buying very minimal clothing.

  19. I love Stein Mart. Dillards and Kohls are usually on my list, too. I pick up 4 or 5 inexpensive knit shirts at Target every year or two for extremely casual wear.

  20. Walmart and Eddie Bauer (I’m big and tall–particularly tall). The best time of the year for Eddie Bauer is right about now. Everything has been discounted multiple times, and they’re just trying to get clothes off the shelves and out of the store.

  21. Brooks Brothers outlet for Business clothes.

    J.Crew, Banana Republic, Dillards, Gap, T.J.Maxx, etc. for Casual clothes, most often only buy stuff on clearance.

  22. I get hand-me-downs from my sis which my youngest son wears out. My oldest, who is 13, lives in Levis and short-sleeved shirts. I often see the sames ones in the course of a week. It drives me nuts. But he’s a greenie and thinks clothes are a waste, so who am I to argue? While shopping clearance at I did pick up some very nice shirts for him that are simple enough for his pickiness. Since my middle son is the fashion guru, he appreciated the long-sleeved, plaid button downs I found for about $13.

    I still get some pants and shirts from Target and Kohl’s for the kids. Shoes from their as well, tho’ I tend to get mine from DSW (am in their loyalty programs to earn $s)

    DH basically lives in Dockers, so Kohl’s for him, coupled w/a coupon fro 10-30% savings. This summer I found great suits dirt cheap at Macy’s so bought 3 which will last him for a couple years.

    For me, shopping in stores for clothes is about the same as washing floors. Sometimes you have to do it, but I do not take pleasure from the exercise. Fortunately Macys and bail me out. I do 2 or so “big” shops a year, (meaning a few hundred bucks)…I love sweaters!! Levis from Kohl’s on my bottom and that’s my wardrobe for work. Of course, I love my Jones of NY for church and special occasions. I try to buy clearance at Macys or Carsons for JNY.

    Nothing from Walmart. I really hate that store and only go in to spend our Cub Scout “popcorn” giftcards (or use them on-line.)

  23. Ok, I know the diff between “their” and “there”…just tired today and didn’t feel like proof-reading! Forgive me Sister Gladys!

  24. Ever heard of Ross? They are kinda ghetto and cheapie and all, but if ya look hard enuff, you can get some great stuff for a song. Also, Lacoste (no, that is a croc, not a gator!) NOT Izod has taken a reality break. Go in there and check out their sale rack…do not look at the regular (over)priced stuff or you will faint!

  25. Value Village all the way. (Except undergarments, socks and shoes, which I buy at Target or Filene’s basement during sales.)
    My kid is a pre-schooler and I’ve never bought her clothes from a retailer. Since they’re either ruined or too small pretty quickly, it’s great to pay $1-$3 per item. She has several really cute, in-style Polo dresses, Stride Rite shoes, etc., that look like they’ve never been worn. I dress her every season for about $20. She doesn’t know or care (at least for now.) My husband buys “Sipowicz” shirts at ValVil, but suits at JCPenney during sales w/coupons. I buy at Value Village. And my job is in the fashion field – shhhhhhh!

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