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Hey folks, I am writing my next book, which will be released next January. I am including two sections where I need your help. “The single best thing my parents ever taught me” and “The one thing I WISH my parents had taught me.” I can’t guarantee that I will use each one but if I do, I will credit you and use your name or will use it anonymously if you prefer.

Please send your response to

I really appreciate your help! I believe this will end up being my best book yet!

Larry Winget

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Help Larry Winget with His Upcoming Book”

  1. My parents both experienced the Great Depression. My Mom (now 93) and Dad (deceased) never forgot the lessons of that period. While they lived comfortably, they never lived beyond their means.

    They taught me the prudence of thrift.

    They also taught me (indirectly) that, while stocks and bonds are fun to watch, cash is easier to spend (especially in retirement). That, may I say, was a very good lesson (even though my wife gave me a bit of “raised-eyebrow” when I took half of my 401K off the table back in 2004 and moved it into IRA CDs, to fund the first ten years of retirement). We’re just starting to tap that cash now.


  2. Looks like Larry is going to have writers’ block at the rate we’re helping him!

    Early life lessons from mom and dad included: learning to save birthday $ and my meager allowance…which led to a savings acct and “Christmas Clubs” which led to CD’s, which in turn led to buying stocks and mutual funds. Those basic building blocks of savings led to more financial sophistication down the road, but instilled the basic values of thrift and self-reliance.

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