I’ll Mostly Be M.I.A. for the Next Two Weeks

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll mostly be missing in action for the next two weeks. My family is coming down from Kansas this week and next week is my kids’ Spring Break. I’ll be limited in my posting ability.

I need a break.

8 thoughts on “I’ll Mostly Be M.I.A. for the Next Two Weeks”

  1. Good for you, JLP! Everyone needs a break once in awhile! Have fun with the family and enjoy the time with your kids.

  2. We’ll miss you, but enjoy “the present” w/your family. Our country’s leadership will be happy you’re gone as well! 🙂

    Tell me the best 5 things about Kansas. My DH has a job lead for a company located there…I figured salaries probably go a lot further in Kansas than in the western suburbs of IL…

  3. Enjoy your time off. I remember the spring breaks we spent with our kids. These memories will last a lifetime.

  4. Just made a little finance blog rap and included All Financial Matters in it. Thought you might enjoy it during your time off…

    Take a minute ya’ll, just sit right there and listen
    To the finance blog rap that you don’t want to be missin’

    It’s a fun little description about my favorite peeps
    and the stories they write about how to live super cheap

    I’ll start with my boy some know him as J. Money
    He is really well known for making personal finance funny
    Budgets are sexy is the fruition of his work
    where he writes about getting screwed by a wedding photographer jerk
    take a minute or two and sift through his blog
    if you don’t enjoy it then you really…..SUCK.

    Now its only appropriate to give a shout out and a hollar
    to my man Trent over at The Simple Dollar
    It’s a little more academic, but no worries you need not be a scholar
    follow Trent’s advise and you’re sure to end up a finance baller

    The third blog I read is called All Financial Matters
    where JLP serves up financial genius on a platter
    He is especially fond of using charts and graphs
    to demonstrate the way your 401k has been cut in half

    It was to these three blogs my finance cherry had been popped
    put them all together and you surely can’t be stopped
    My websites one chance to live and one day I hope to aspire
    to the ranks of these bloggers money management empire.

  5. Spring break is the best time to relax and bond with the family. Enjoy your time off!

  6. Can you think of a better way to spend your school holidays than forming your very own band and getting to perform for all your family and friends? Forget all your preconceieved notions of “band camp” – this is something different.

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