Vacation Update

I’m still going to be pretty much absent from this blog for one more week. The kids are on Spring Break this week and my wife is on vacation so that means my blogging time will be limited.

I did want to mention that I increased our 401(k) contribution percentage today. We still aren’t at the maximum contribution level but we are getting close. I can’t think of a better time to increase your 401(k) contribution amount than now.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Update”

  1. I also upped my percentage. Not sure if it is the BEST plan as I am now contributing 13% when my optimum level is 4% contribution and 2% employer match (maximum).

    So even though I am over the optimal level, I am also maxing out my Roth IRA and don’t feel like I would use that money in a more effective way anyways.


  2. That’s great. Don’t forget to adjust your withholdings (if necessary) to account for the decrease in taxable income.

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