I had a nice break. It felt good to get away from blogging for a bit.

The first week I spent half of it with my mom, sister and her three boys. They left last Sunday and my wife took vacation the following week, which was also Spring Break for our boys. We took a family trip to San Antonio. If you have never been to San Antonio, I recommend you check it out. The Riverwalk is very nice. They do an awesome job of keeping it up. I was impressed.

While in San Antonio, we also visited Sea World. The park was very nice but I have to say that it seemed overpriced. The admission for our family was $267. I was shocked when the woman told me the total. BUT…as I walked around the park throughout the day I noticed that it was immaculate and they also had several shows. I’m sure all of that is not cheap to maintain. So, as the day wore on, the price seemed more reasonable.

We stayed at Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk. It was a nice hotel but not nearly as nice as the Westin that my wife and I stayed at for our anniversary last August. We could have spent a lot less and stayed at a cheaper hotel that was away from the Riverwalk but we thought it would defeat the purpose of visiting San Antonio.

As far as eating out goes, on Wednesday night we ate at Paesanos. I highly recommend it! After dinner we went and listened to some Jazz at Jim Cullum’s Landing. I loved it but I’m not sure the rest of the family liked it as much as I did…lol. I did think it was cool when my oldest son asked me to pick up one of their CDs because he thought they were pretty good—a boy after my own heart.

Thursday night we had some fish ‘n’ chips at Waxy O’Connors. It was okay. Friday we had steaks at Saltgrass—one of our favorite places to eat. Now we are all on a diet.

It’s good to be back. I’ll be back to blogging tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!”

  1. Next time you go down there, I’d suggest bidding on a hotel at http://www.priceline.com/

    Every time I’ve bid on a hotel (specifying the riverwalk area) it has been a nice one for around $100/per night (give or take 20) – and usually it has been the Hyatt Regency.

  2. Have any “green” margaritas? I can’t remember if they call them Cactus or what the special moniker is…I agree about the Sea World pricing, but it is an attractive spot and was the 1st time we ever visited a Sea World.

    Welcome back! We start our vacation tomorrow (New Smyrna Beach FL here we come!) and no, my boss isn’t happy. Tough xxxx!

  3. JLP: next time get the “fun pass” to sea-world – it’s good for most of the season and only costs a little more than a day pass. HEB’s normally have them for sale or you can ask for it by name at the park entrance, as it’s not advertised. I think you get discounts on food and gift shops with the fun pass as well. Well worth it as long as you go more than one day, which is kinda required if you want to see all the shows and ride all the rides.

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