I Think I Owe Price Pfister an Apology

Remember my rants (here and here) about my Price Pfister kitchen faucet? Well, let me bring you up to speed.

A vice president from Price Pfister must have seen my rant because he sent me an email and apologized for my troubles and offered to send me a new faucet. I accepted and replaced the old parts with the new faucet parts. Well, it would work for a while and then the water pressure would start dropping. I thought the issue was with Price Pfister’s diverter, which is the part that diverts the water from hot to cold and from the faucet to the sprayer. I would change them out and the water would flow fine for a while and then start slowing again.

Well, yesterday I changed the diverter for the third or fourth time in the last year. I turned the water on. It worked fine on cold but when I turned it to hot, the flow almost came to a complete stop. I thought it was the shut-off valve so I disconnected the hose from the valve and noticed what appeared to be sediment. I cleaned it out, put the hose back on and turned it on again. Still no flow. So, I took the hose off again and looked inside the hose. It was absolutely packed with this sediment-looking stuff. So, I cleaned it out, hooked it back up and the water started flowing again. YAHOO!!!!!

Well, last night I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a plumbing company. I asked him if there was a way to keep sediment from getting lodged in my shut off valves. He said, “No, not really. Is it white sediment?” I said yes it was. He then told me that it was my water heater breaking down and sending that stuff through the lines.

As soon as he told me that, I was like, “Oh man…I’ve been bitching about Price Pfister and it turns out that it was my water heater. DAMN!”

Anyway, this is my attempt to apologize to Price Pfister. Please forgive me. I’ll link to this post from the original Price Pfister rant so that people who stumble across the original post will see the correction.

I suppose something I should learn from this is to look at all options first BEFORE you make a judgement. Or, in my case, call a plumber! My plumber friend would have figured it out pretty quickly.

19 thoughts on “I Think I Owe Price Pfister an Apology”

  1. Good post. I had the same issue when I moved into my house. I had a faucet that kept messing up and I could not figure out why. It came down to the same issue you are talking about here.

    Also, you may want to check out the following site: http://recaptcha.net/plugins/wordpress/

    This would prevent some of the spam posts you see on here. It doesn’t look like it happens a lot, but it does seem to creep up from time to time.

  2. HAHA Thats hilarious. Sounds like Chris and I and our printer story. Did he ever tell you that one and how we kept going through “bad” printers. Ask him sometime.

  3. Hi..I just wanted to say that it’s great how you took a stand to apologize…that is priceless. I’m sure Price Pfister is diggin all this (hey free advertisment) =]

  4. I think you did a good thing by owning up to the mistake and finger-pointing. Plus now I know to watch out for white sediment buildup in the pipes when the water pressure is wonky.

  5. In all candor, you owe PF money. You ripped them off. OK, pay them back.

    You do that, you’ll get a bit of credibility.

    So much for the Texicans (a weird group, I’d just saw off Texas and let it float into the Gulf of Mexico).

    Who’s the Governor of Texas who wants to secede? I say, Bravo, goodbye, and goodluck.


  6. Agree with @adamjones, moderating in some manner would be a good idea.

    @JLP – kudos for setting the record straight.

    @MapGirl – totally agree…and now PP knows that as well.

  7. It’s nice to see JLP paid Price Pfister back for the erroneous money he claimed under warranty. After all, that’s what Texicans do, right?

    Thank you for being so honest, Texicans.


  8. I submit we’d all be better off sawing Texas off at the state line (try Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, excuse me if I forgot some).

    Secede, I dare you. We would not fight a Civil War over your secession this time.

    Oh, by the way, take Florida, South and North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia, Mississippi, (did I forget some?) with you.


  9. Bozo, darling, who pee’d in your cornflakes today? Chill out. That’s a lot of tax-paying Americans who wouldn’t be around to fund the social security trust fund!

  10. Stacey “darlin” most folks in the states I mentioned actually get much more FROM the good old US of A than they contribute. Stated another way, rednecks are a drag on the budget.

    Look it up.


  11. JLP, yes, I live in California.

    I would still vote to saw you guys off.

    Just kidding.

    Or not.


  12. PS: I would also saw off all the counties in California east of the Bay Area (in the north) or LA (in the south).

    In addition, I would let Orange County float to the sea.

    Most of San Diego, too.

    Wow, I’m just getting started here. I’m having a Lou Dobbs moment.


  13. I’m all for the justified lambaste and it’s good of you to post this “retraction”. However, I saw your edits on the original posts. There is just a small “Here’s an update” at the top.

    I recommend you either point those URLs to this page, or put a giant heading at the top explaining that these pages are the opposite of your opinion now. Someone could easily miss the little update link, and the rants pages will be indexed by search engines. Since not too many people will post an “I Love Price Pfister” page your incorrect conclusion will get lots of Internet exposure.

    Price Pfister sent you replacement parts and even had a VP help you out — they sound really good. This company has lots of warranty claims, I’m sure, by amateur installers just assuming that the last thing they installed caused their problems rather than the countless other broken items in the system or their own shoddy work.

  14. I don’t buy that sediment story at all. Both issues I have had have been in new houses, new water heaters! The plumbing lines had been flushed and there is no sediment causing an issue. Bottom line is Price Pfister is crap. I have read alot of blogs and laugh at how many people have this issue and there are plumbers on here telling them to do this or that. Sure its good to check those simple tasks first but the REAL problem is the manufacturer, don’t be mistaken.

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