Pontiac’s Gone…Are You Sad?

I read over the weekend that GM was about to announce that it was closing its Pontiac division. Dumping Pontiac will leave GM with Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Hummer, Saturn, Saab, and some other foreign companies. There’s talk that Hummer and Saturn are next to get the ax.

I’m not sad that Pontiac is gone. I’m sad that so many people will lose their jobs but I can’t say that I will miss the Pontiac brand. To me, Pontiacs always felt cheap and rattly. I have never owned a Pontiac.

So, what do you think GM will look like when all is said and done? I’m thinking it will be Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC. I say Buick only because it is a big seller in China. Who knows, they may quit selling Buicks in the states and just sell them in China.

Either way, GM is going to be a much smaller company when this is all said and done.

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  1. We’ve had a Pontiac G6 for three years now and it’s been a great car. There have been no mechanical issues, no ‘rattles’ that I’ve heard, and it is outfitted and styled in a way that’s refined and not at all what I’d call cheap.

  2. Unfortunately, GM is severely overweight, and they have not taken the steps to lose weight gradually and in a healthy way. This is GMs equivalent of a gastric bypass, so yes, I think they will be much smaller and healthier if/when they make it out of this alive.

  3. I am surprised that Saturn is in as bad of shape as it is. It has seemed to me to be of the smaller more economic cars. Possibly more fuel efficient, seems like that would make it part of their new goals. I never owned a saturn so I am not sure of quality but just from riding with others in them.

  4. We owned 2 pontiac’s back to back for about 10 years (mid 90’s on). Both great cars, the grand prix was really nice, dependable and had great acceleration when you needed it. We never had a single mechanical problem during that ten year period. We switched to Volvo after we had our first kid, for safety reasons, and now have mechanical issues at least twice a year. Warranty has covered most of the problems, but not all. It can be a hastle when you are trying to work.

  5. GM was selling a record number of SUV’s and was still losing money. Besides the fact that there’s only 34 stand alone Pontiac dealers and last year the UAW announced that the pension was funded for 80 years. “Sell” 30% of company to the union. G8 was the one good car they sold. Has anyone sat in the new Camaro? The rear view mirror in a sunroof car? Shoulder height. I can’t see out the damn thing.

  6. In my younger dumber years I had a Trans-AM, which looking like the freaking Batmobile. I liked the new GTO, as well (the orginial was better, though).

    I won’t say I will “miss” Pontiac, though. BRING ON TESLA!!!

  7. I have owned the Grand Am & currently own a 2004 Grand Prix – loved/love them. No Rattles and fabulous gas mileage – 30 mpg on my recent road trip. Nice quiet ride, unlike the Saturns I have been in, which are miles ahead of some of the foreign cars I have ridden in and questioned my safety.

    My sibling has both the G6 & Vibe – positive feelings on both. This sibling bought on my recommendation the G6 and after finding the value of Pontiac, bought the Vibe.

    I guess the answer is yes, I will miss this section of GM. Hummer definitely has to go and I think Buick should have followed before Pontiac. In my area Pontiac’s are everywhere.

  8. Well, right now I’m driving a Pontiac Vibe and have been VERY happy with it for the past five years. Then again, it’s really a Toyota. 🙂

  9. Well, for somewhat different reasons, my hubby is very sad to see them go. He’s a vintage Pontiac nut, and he owns a very rare 1971 Firebird Formula 455 HO. It is the quentissential American muscle car. There were only 159 of these particular models made that year, so imagine how few are left. He’s been lamenting the loss of quality in Pontiac autos for some time. Nonetheless, this is a sad day for him.

    Wonder if it will make our rare bird less desirable or more valuable? Two years ago we turned down a 45k offer, hope that wasn’t a mistake!?

  10. I’m not sad pontiac shall be no more, in response to the initial question; I am sad that we (taxpayers) floated GM and Chrysler this long. For our system to remain strong and have longevity and credibility, companies must be allowed to fail, even ones as beholden to our national identity as the big three.

  11. The American manufacturers need to slim down and take the best of each of their brands and consolidate to just a normal version and a luxury version, Chevy/Cadillac, Ford/Licoln, and not spend money on the extra back office costs and marketing of all these extra brands. Maybe some of the brands grow a car here or there, I just never understood why they would make a car nearly identical with barely any differentition, especially Ford and Mercury.

  12. I wish all GM brands would go away. I will NEVER do business with any company that took bailout $$.

  13. I won’t miss Pontiac. I’ve had a couple of GM’s (cavalier and a grand am). Horrible cars, unreliable, horrible interiors, didn’t look good on the outside either, and pains in the butt to work on. People will still need to buy cars so even though these people are getting laid off, they can move to other cities that are hiring. It’s just a temporary problem that people aren’t buying as many cars now. Eventually either the credit market will recover, or the cars people are keeping longer will start getting to expensive to repair and will get another car.

  14. Not sad at all!

    Crappy brand, unreliable vehicles. I “inherited” an Alero, and I will never ever come within miles of a GM vehicle again.

    Whenever I think of GM, the company or even it’s products, the one adage comes to mind.

    “There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint”

    I am sorry about the pensions that will eventually go down the toilet, especially since all of ours will be soon to follow.

    Add it to the cost of the paint, I suppose…

  15. The sad thing is that both Pontiac and Saturn were just starting to come around on their own and were making decent cars finally. The Pontiac G series in particular has been rated quite well over the last year or two but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get them back on their feet. I would rather have seen Pontiac stay on in the US and keep the Buick label just for China especially considering that Pontiac out sold Buick in the last year anyways. 🙁

  16. JLP I know you are not sad because you think the unions deserve it. If fighting for healthcare and better wages in unamerican then financial planners who herd people into bad high fee investments are just as unamerican, why are many financial planners still standing, because of taxpayer bailout money, that is why.

  17. Hogan,

    When I wrote this post, unions weren’t even on my mind.

    BUT…since YOU brought it up…

    You do have to admit that unions played their part in the unraveling of GM. How? By demanding wages and benefits that couldn’t be supported by the market. Everything was great…until Toyota, Honda, and the other foreign automakers started building cars that Americans wanted to buy. Meanwhile, GM’s putting together crap under different brand names and paying union wages.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Buick fan—always have been. My next car will probably be a Buick.

  18. Hogan,

    There’s nothing unAmerican about wanting a better wage (and the benefits that typically go along with them). I understand that. BUT, those wages and benefits have to be supported by the market.

    Everything has a cost.

  19. I have a 78 firebird… best car ever. Same thing as a camero except it has a trans am engine. Pontiacs are chevy’s… if you think they are different you should look into it.

  20. I’m not surprised Saturn is on the block. A few years ago it was the only profitable part of GM, because of that the higher ups went out of their way to destory the company. They did it in part by opening a Saturn plant in Detroit which did everything at lowerquality and higher cost, then mandating the original plant use only the Detroit designs.

    Their once was a point when Saturn owners were proud to own the car, not anymore. Thanks to GM Managment it’s become the same piece of gosa that the rest of GM puts out.

  21. JLP: I am sure you work hard for your money just like union members and nonunion members do but you said “those wages and benefits need to be supported by the market” again then why are we propping up wall street, at least Ford, GM etc. make something? Wall street basically was the guy riding into some frontier town selling snake oil, they were selling junk worldwide, and we are bailing them out.

  22. Hogan,

    You make it sound as though I am in support of bailing out Wall Street. I am not.

    Regardless, we can’t bail out every industry.

  23. I once owned a 1960 Bonneville,the most beautiful car I ever owned.Paid $1,200.00 cash for it in 1868.
    You know, the problem with the auto companies is that they try to build a car for every 1,000 people in America.They spend more money on the drawing board than the cars.
    Just look at the cars in Cuba from the fifties,they are beautiful and they still run.

  24. anything GM is shit stained, their cars are so ugly, i was sad wen i heard that GM was getting back on its feet after going almost completely bankrupt. perhaps the corvette is the only thing worth congratulating GM for. i dont count saab, because Saab used to be owned by Ford, and ford isnt that bad

  25. I have a 2003 grand am its a nice car doesn’t rattle yet don’t have any mechanical troubles with it. and most of the ppl that have pontiacs like there cars. I find it rather annoying when ppl talk badly about a car when it was their decision to buy it. Look online before u buy it. Or ask some ppl. Im kinda sad to see pontiac go, cause it seemed like with the g series they were starting to become a better company. I think pontiac is one of those things that ppl like or don’t like. But I like pontiac and ill miss them

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