A Brief Look at the 2009 Fortune 500

2009 Fortune 500

I had to do a double take when I saw this but check this out:

The 2007 Fortune 500 had total profits of $785,134,700,000.

The 2009 Fortune 500 had total profits of $98,881,100,000.

An 87.4% DECLINE over those two years (I can’t find my 2008 Fortune 500 issue).

Interestingly, the revenues of all 500 companies were up from 2007’s list ($10.7 trillion in 2009 vs. $9.9 trillion in 2007).

The 2007 Fortune 500 saw 43 companies lose money.

The 2009 Fortune 500 saw 126 companies lose money. That means 25% of the 500 companies lost money in 2008.

One other thing I found interesting was how much smaller the actual 2009 Fortune 500 issue was compared to other year’s. This year’s issue was over a hundred pages shorter than the 2007 Fortune 500 (276 pages vs. 386 pages). The 2005 issue was 410 pages.

4 thoughts on “A Brief Look at the 2009 Fortune 500”

  1. That stat makes me nervous about the current run in the stock market. The market values earnings over the long term so maybe the drop we experienced wasn’t as big as it should have been if profits declined that much.

    Of course, many people would state that the market prices future earnings, which is true, but if you look at analyst projections, they are expecting financials to increase profits 87% this year. I just don’t see that happening in a low growth environment.

  2. Are you sure about those profit figures? $100 million in profit against revenues of $10 trillion means profit is only 1/10000th of revenue, or 0.001%… which is very hard to believe, no matter how bad the economy is.

  3. Andy,

    My mistake. I left off a set of zeros. It’s fixed now. It should have read $98 billion and $785 billion.

    Thanks for the catch.

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