My Plumbing is Fixed and I’m Happy!

Yesterday was the first day our plumbing has worked properly in a LONG TIME!

As some of you may recall, I wrote about having plumbing issues over a year ago. The first plumber to give me an estimate, told me it would cost $6,700 to solve my problem. I put off making the repairs for over a year because I didn’t want to part with the money. Possible slab issues aside, the problem for me putting off this repair was that I THOUGHT ABOUT THE PLUMBING ISSUE EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A YEAR! It bugged the heck out of me and yet I did nothing about it because I didn’t want to fork over the money.

Well, two weeks ago it got to the point where I HAD to do something. The kitchen sink wasn’t draining properly and the dishwasher was backing up. So, I called Connor Plumbing and asked them to send someone out to take a look. They suggested rerouting the line and capping off the old line and quoted me $4,500 – $4,850. I agreed and they broke the cement on Friday, tunneled 15 feet under the house on Monday, set the pipe on Tuesday, dug the trenches and routed the pipe on Wednesday, and today they have a crew here packing the dirt back under the house.

I know this is a local issue but if you have plumbing issues in the Beaumont Area, I can recommend two plumbing services: Noack Plumbing&151;a small company owned by a friend of mine (no website) and Connor Plumbing. Connor did an excellent job and was friendly and professional. I’ll definitely use them again.

No, I wasn’t paid to write this post…lol.

4 thoughts on “My Plumbing is Fixed and I’m Happy!”

  1. Plumbing issues stink (pun intended). They can make your life miserable and they are costly. You probably didn't know it but you did yourself a favor by waiting (well financially a favor). I had a slight plumbing issue (had to replace a toilet) in March. The plumber said this was a great time to do any type of work involving the house cause the prices of most materials had come down significantly in the past year. In fact the price of the toilet had come down $50 between the time we'd ordered it and it arrived (about 2 weeks). He passed the savings on to me rather than pocketing it himself as he easily could have since he gave me a written estimate.

  2. If you have a 50 year old house with either terra cotta or cast iron sewer pipes, odds are you are going to need to replace your pipes because they will either collapse in place, if terra cotta, or shift, as in cast iron, allowing debris and roots to enter.

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