When a Complete Stranger Approaches You in a Bookstore…

they probably are into multi-level marketing…lol.

Several weeks ago I was standing in the business section of my local bookstore. I glanced up just as a woman walked by. I went back to looking at the books. A couple of seconds later I see someone coming down aisle. I look up to see that it is the woman who just walked by. I keep looking and finally she asks, “What are you looking for?”

“Ah, I’m just browsing while I wait,” I replied.

“Oh, I’m currently reading Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,'” she told me.

“That’s funny,” I said. “I was just re-reading that book the other day. In fact it’s sitting on my nightstand right now.”

Well, it took of all of five more seconds before she launched into her into spiel about how she worked with people to help them reach their goals and stuff—standard multi-level marketing b.s. I told her that I had heard of her company (Primerica) and had actually attended A.L. Williams (which was the early Primerica) meetings when I was a kid.

Once she found out that I wasn’t interested in her company, the conversation dwindled down to nothing and I left.

Anyway, I must visit bookstores too often because this has happened to me more than once.

Do you have any multi-level marketing stories to tell? I’d like to hear them.

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  1. The same thing happened to me in a bookstore as well, and a friend. It drives me crazy because occasionally I'll strike up a legit conversation in a bookstore and always fear they will think I'm into MLM. Probably the oddest MLM pitch I have ever relieved was while I was shopping in the grocery store once. I was picking out some apples and this guy across the fruit stand kept smiling at me. At first I just thought he might just be flirting or something. He then asked me if I was from around here and started following me as I continued through the store. By the time I reached the bread isle he asked me if I had ever thought about making more money. I just smiled and told him that I didn't like money much and kept on walking. Very strange fellow.

  2. As an Indian immigrant living in USA for some time..this is a major turn off when a fellow Indian stranger approaches me and talks to me nicely. I made a mistake of giving somebody my real phone number years back…that gentle man bothered me a lot to join a MLM. Now I do what Doug from 'The King of Queen' does with people he doesn't like…ask them an embarrassing question…like if they think I have too much chest hair etc…that really turns them

  3. For some reason my aunt insists on keeping me on her mailing list for Avon products.

    Some of the products she emails about are quite quacky

  4. Ha the same exact thing happened to me at a bar with the same exact company. It came at a rough point too because I was looking for a job but when she called back the next day I turned her down once I did my research. At the time I never heard of them.

  5. Only once for me, and I got picked up at Frys. That's before I looked into all the details, so I did attend the initial seminar. The "fishiness" of that seminar prompted me to look into what this multi-level market is all about… which is no good.

    Funny thing is, the guy who approached me… I later ran into him at a company I was interviewing for, where he is the receptionist. Whoops!

  6. I had someone approach me at the video rental once. I was with the GF and this kid who couldn't have been older than 20 did the walk-by a few times (I think he was psyching himself up) and finally approached with the line, "You two look like an intelligent couple." He then launched into the most painful attempt at small-talk ever, before finally asking if we would like to make more money in our spare time. I must have been in a grumpy mood that day, because I remember telling him that he was stuck in a MLM scheme and only idiots do that stuff. It was kind of mean now that I think about it.

  7. i hate those people. book stores should have a blacklist for them, because they are really annoying. i guess if you are lonely they are fine to talk to for hours on end, just like those folks in white shirts who come by the house. why would you cheese it up by calling them multi level marketing folks…just call them annoying.

  8. I've been harassed multiple times at Barnes & Noble, once at the grocery store at the seafood counter, Panera, and even on the driving range. The grocery store was the strangest, and the driving range was the most annoying. Nothing like some guy feigning interest in what you do and your background while you're trying to work on your mid-irons. I'm now determined to not give my true background and instead profess that I am a [insert conversation stopper here (black market organ salesman, mortician, grave digger, masturbation researcher, etc.)]. Seriously, these people must be stopped.

  9. I too was in the business section of Borders and got approched by one of these people and of course they asked me what I was looking for and I stupidly said a book about starting my own business and then the sales pitch started up. I could instantly figure out what it was. I hate the fact that it is such a fake suck up and really not geniune at all. Recently, I also met with someone who was a Primerica rep and he says to me during the meeting that I seem like the type of person that would enjoy this kind of work and I'm thinking…how the hell do you know? We've only just met ten minutes ago! It's this kind of crap that disgusts me.

  10. Just met one of the most annoying woman ever.

    Beware anyone who is in the Tigard area. Paula Fisher is her name and she is in her 60’s, I believe. Followed me and my partner around the entire store. We knew something was suspicious. She jotted our numbers down which seemed harmless but strange. She just came across as a very lonely old woman. A few hours later we realized she is involved in Amway. GAG! DO NOT GIVE YOUR NUMBER OUT EVER, YOU NEVER KNOW! Now we will have to deal with calls from her and her brainwashed fellow CULT followers. We are calling Borders at Bridgeport to file a complaint against her. We are also taking this into legal territory. So, Paula if you read this, we suggest you think before you try and deceive more people with your BS!

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