An Example of Excellent Customer Service from Sam’s Club

A friend of mine is looking for hot dog bags for a function she is helping with. I googled “hot dog bags” and this entry for Sam’s Club popped up. I noticed that there was one one-star review for the product by someone named “Editor”:

These are represented as a “bag”. They are not a BAG. They are open on one side and one end. Very disappointed in this order. This is a waste of my money. I will try to get a refund.

Right below this review, was this response from Sam’s Club:


In the industry this is commonly referred to as a bag, and depending on your needs, this may, or may not, be the bag for you. However, because of your review we thought it best, in order to better clarify the description, to add a picture featuring the hotdog “in” the bag. Feel free to contact us at 888-746-7726 if you’d like to return these to us. Thank you for your input!

That’s pretty cool if you ask me. That’s excellent customer service.

3 thoughts on “An Example of Excellent Customer Service from Sam’s Club”

  1. Even after reading the exchange above, I can't fathom what a hog dog bag might be. I will refrain from making off-color jokes, though.

  2. Good on Sam's for taking the feedback and responding. I agree though, the first image is really misleading. How is the bag so long in one image and barely as long as the hot dog in the other?

  3. LOL at the second picture of the hot dog bag. The photoshop job was a nice touch 🙂 But yes, it is nice to see that a company is actually monitoring the feedback they receive on products.

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