Stuck at $620 – An Update on Beth’s Fundraiser


First off, thanks to those who helped Beth with a contribution towards her fundraising goal. Thanks to some big contributions (that had nothing to do with yesterday’s post), Beth is now 41% towards her goal. The bad news is that she’s stuck at $620. The good news is that you can still make a contribution if you so desire. Just visit Beth’s Fundraising Page and click on the “Support Me” icon.

NOTE: I don’t normally get involved with this kind of stuff but made an exception for a friend. Don’t worry, I won’t be harrassing AFM readers with all kinds of fundraisers. I promise.

One thought on “Stuck at $620 – An Update on Beth’s Fundraiser”

  1. JLP –

    Update…I’m at $695 (or 46%) as of this morning! Thank you so much to everyone that has donated!

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