Question of the Day – Your First Job

Here’s today’s Question of the Day:

What was your first job?

My first job was working for a restaurant called O.K. Corral in the town I grew up in. It was a restaurant that took over the building that was vacated by Sonic. My job was to get clean and cook. I HATED THAT JOB! HATED IT! I remember one night the assistant manager sent everyone home around 8 PM and then we got really busy and I it was just me and the assistant manager running things. I wonder how many orders I screwed up that night.

The owner was a slimeball who actually tried to burn the place down. I worked there for about 3 months I think. After that, I went to work for the grocery store in town. It was a much better job.

What was your first job?

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  1. First part time (after college) job was in a take away restaurant. All the other employees were family members of the owner. It was hot and very greasy and I went home smelling like a burger. Did this for a total of 8 hours before I quit!

  2. My first job was working for a farmer: picking up rocks in a field — he grew a lot of rocks in that field…

  3. Busboy at Italian restaurant back in high school. Was not a bad place, plus we got some really good food too. A few of the waiters were annoying but for my only food industry job not too bad.

  4. Waitressing at the local chain of family restaurants from ages 16-21 was my first job (excluding babysitting.)

    It was lovely always having cash (tips!) in my pocket. Best memory was coming home after my weekend shifts, sitting on my parents family room floor, counting my tip money and watching Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show…ahhh….Those were the days! (Plus a couple short-term boyfriends were met/lost along the way… but summers were good!) Actually, my job kept me from all the trouble teenagers usually get into…too busy making money to drink & fool around! I saved THAT for college 😉

  5. In High School (45 years ago) my Mother told me she didn’t want me sitting around the house all summer reading so I either needed to get a job or go to Summer school. I got a job at a swim school, where I went in at 5:00 AM and cleaned the pool and surrounding area until 8:00 AM. I was home by 8:15 (usually before my Mother got up each day) and sat around reading the rest of the day. Perfect summer.

  6. The first job in which I received a W-2 was as a gift-wrapper for my favorite perfume store in the mall at Christmastime.

  7. first job was when I was 12, My dad owned a gas station and in the summer I would ride my bike to get the work at 6:00. I cleaned and stocked shelfs. left at 10:00. That was a fun time.

  8. My first job was after school in high school in 1984-1985. I worked for a newspaper printer second shift and was earning $17/hr I thought I was on the top of the world. Went off to college and worked for the next 2 summers and that was it for working there. I miss the smell of ink 🙂

  9. My first job was a summer job working for the county accounting department filing checks, checks & more checks…uggg… I was stuck in this little closet size room for 8 hrs daily… now that I think about it… now I know why I never write checks! hehe… I use BoA online =D

  10. Okay, this is going to date me really bad, but my first job was in 1982 in the meat market at Western Supermarkets. I was making about 10 cents more than minimum wage and thought I was da man.

    Later, I moved to sacking the groceries up front when I found out that those guys made an additional $10 to $15 per hour from tips! Considering inflation since 1982, this was like $33 per hour in today’s money.

  11. My first job was working for my dad, a masonry subcontractor, the summer I turned 16. In Texas. Picture a flabby white kid schlepping mortar and bricks up onto the scaffolds in 100 degree heat, and learning a few job-specific Spanish phrases. And there’s a reason you should never work with family. Being unused to the labor, I often had to catch my breath. And my dad had a knack for appearing at that precise moment. Never mind that I had just finished setting up the scaffolding and loaded it all up with brick. I’d pause a moment to catch my breath, and there he’d come around the corner in time to see me leaning on my shovel. I did that one more summer and then got a regular job the next, and after that I started college.

  12. first job was working at a grocery store. bagging groceries, recycling cans, pushing carts, and bagging ice.

  13. I worked in the games at a traveling carnival for a summer. Nothing teaches you to despise people like dealing with customers who think they’re being cheated.

  14. My first job was at age 14 making handtossed pizzas at a local restaurant for something like $2.50/hour. I worked Sat & Sun from 6am to 6pm doing prep, lunch, and early dinner plus carryout. Did that for one year and was darn good at it too. The owners were strict and hands on. No goofing off. Taught me quite a bit and I appreciated the opportunity very much.

  15. I worked at a hardware store starting the day I was legally able to work. It was in walking distance from my house and it was perfect. Did that all through high school, during the summers, and even a few summers when I came home from college a few times.

    Awesome job and I learned a ton. Had a pretty stern manager that I didn’t particularly care for back then, but looking back on it now it’s amazing what he taught me about work ethic and how to treat customers.

    Plus, I had a chance to learn a ton of new skills as a teenager. I was cutting glass, mixing paint, threading pipe, sweating copper fittings, filling propane tanks, and about a million other things. Some of that stuff has really come in handy later in life.

  16. First job was helping my uncle load and unload his truck on interstate moves. Got to go from Seattle to St. Petersburg, FL, and back, right through Dixie across Texas, to NM and AZ, and back to CA. It was very interesting and I got to see parts of the country that I probably will never see.

    It was also insanely hard work; I almost got killed in a place called Stuttgart, AR, when I was carrying a massive bureau up the truck ramp when an air-raid siren went off and startled me. Fortunately, I didn’t fall off or drop the bureau, although I did a little dance on the ramp and nearly gave my uncle a heart attack.

    The good things about that job: I learned to hugely respect physical hard work, and I realized I didn’t like it much myself, so I’d better hit the books and go to college 🙂 I was sixteen at the time, and had been a very indifferent student until then.

  17. I worked with your silly ass for my first job, At that damn grocery store with a mean ass manager who liked you but thought I was a smartass…go figure. Hey maybe I could get a job back there again ;-)…LOL. I do miss working with you and unloading trucks, I must admit.

  18. My first w-2 job as a teenager was working at Walt Disney World in Florida. I started in the Crystal Palace restaurant on Main Street, then later worked in ride operations in Tomorrowland – Eastern Airlines If You Had Wings ride and GE Carousel of Progress. This was back in late 70’s.

    I loved my job, it was exciting and fun. In the summer there were fireworks, and the Main Street Electrical Parade. I was treated very well, with respect. I also got paid more than what my peers were making at McDonald’s and the like. I met interesting people from all over the world. One of the best experiences of my life.

    No job since was ever as much fun as that.

  19. I was 15 and I was a tele-marketer earning $5.50/hr. “No sir, I’m not selling anything, I’m generating interest in a health care plan for small businesses…”

    It was brutal when you’d finally finish cold calling an entire page with 30 businesses on it and realize that it only took 10 minutes and you still had 7 hrs and 50 minutes to go. But I was actually pretty good and it, and even at the time, I was just thankful that it was only a summer job and not a regular job like it was for most of the people working there.

  20. My first job was working for the park & recreation department in California. It was alright at first since I had started in the Winter, but once Spring came and my allergies kicked in I needed to get out of there.

    A little over a year later I landed my first banking job as a teller and obviously that was what I was meant to do since I ended up being in banking for the next 20 years after that.

  21. I worked as a Typist at a company my mother worked at. This was in pre-computer days, and so when you made a typo all you had to fix it was white-out. I can’t tell you how many smudged, white-out letters i typed up, and most of the time, god bless ’em, they didn’t make me do them over.

  22. Starting at age 12, I worked for my grandfather who was a general contractor. I did everything from washing company trucks/cars, hanging drywall, being a go-for, and doing office work (typing, bookkeeping, etc.) I’ll always be grateful for the work ethic it taught me. First w-2 job was a fast food worker at Carls Jr.

  23. My first job was painting pricing on the windshields of new cars at the dealership. I was only 15 years old. When I was interviewing, my grandfather was at the dealership for an oil change. He just walked right into the general manager’s office while I sat there and was there for the whole interview. I was cringing on the inside. Now, these many years later, I miss his calm, no nonsense ways.

  24. First job was at McDonalds. I stayed there longer than most around me, but I also learned a lot. More than just how to flip burgers. I had stints on customer service (working the cash register) custodial (at work at 4am) and some management (inventory control, shift scheduling, etc)

    A lot of people bemoan working for “that clown” but with the right attitude, there is a lot to learn there.

  25. My first job was as a bus-boy at a pizza joint. Started on my 16th birthday as that was the first day I could work legally. It taught me all the classic lessons of a first job: how to show up on time, how to work with folks I wouldn’t normally know, how to budget, how to work with the public, and how to work on a team. I might have learned more life skills there than any subsequent job.

  26. My first job was stocking shelves (and everything else) for a craft store called Old America Store. One of my high school classmates dad was the store manager so I got the job through networking. Worked there 2 years, eventually “promoted” to picture framing.

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