6 thoughts on “The Government Can”

  1. Democracy eventually leads to some form of socialism. A system “of the people, by the people, and for the people” eventually lead to these sorts of programs when “the people” figure out how to tap into the cash machine.

    We also have corporatism increasing with socialism here: when you hear about “too big to fail” companies and 80% ownership of AIG, think corporatism.

    Don’t blame your government for any of this though, blame “we the people”.

  2. Very sad, but entertaining at the same time. I might be able to get my most liberal friends to listen to (and absorb) this rendition of what they won’t listen to from other sources.

  3. OK I’m liberal and listened to this rendition but found it too cheeky for my tastes. Anyone hear of Blackwater? You know the private army for the United States? Costs way more than the regular ol’ Army and answers only to a CEO and not the American people?

    I know loads of liberals who spent the last eight years reading stuff by people they/we completely disagree with. Suffice it to say that we have heard this anti-government argument before and still find it appallingly naive and shallow.

  4. I find the argument misleading, and I lean libertarian. Government isn’t “awesomely good” or “spectacularly bad” at doing everything. It’s the former in some categories and the latter in others.

    Blanket statements (like this song) just muddy the waters.

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