Introduction to Banking

October 1, 2009

Here’s something interesting I found on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. It’s a classroom series on the basics of finance and banking. I found them to be interesting. I think every person would do well to at least learn the basics of how business should work. Here’s the first video of the series along with links to the entire series below.

Banking 2: A bank’s income statement 11:59

Banking 3: Fractional Reserve Banking 11:48

Banking 4: Multiplier effect and the money supply 11:07

Banking 5: Introduction to Bank Notes 8:49

Banking 6: Bank Notes and Checks 11:02

Banking 7: Giving out loans without giving out … 8:29

Banking 8: Reserve Ratios 10:49

Banking 9: More on Reserve Ratios (Bad sound) 8:52

Banking 10: Introduction to leverage (bad sound) 9:21

Banking 11: A reserve bank 11:28

Banking 12: Treasuries (government debt) 11:18

Banking 13: Open Market Operations 12:28

Banking 14: Fed Funds Rate 11:42

Banking 15: More on the Fed Funds Rate 12:16

Banking 16: Why target rates vs. money supply 11:40

Banking 17: What happened to the gold? 10:12

Banking 18: Big Picture Discussion 14:08

The Discount Rate 13:22

Repurchase Agreements (Repo transactions) 11:24

One response to Introduction to Banking

  1. The most interesting thing on banking I have seen on You Tube is “Money as Debt” and “Money as Debt II.” Helps explain why our national debt is so high and will continue to be.