20 thoughts on “Are People Really This Stupid?”

  1. Well, to paraphrase the late great George Carlin: “Imagine how stupid the average person is…now realize that half of them are even dumber than that.”

  2. Yeah its hard to know if people are playing dumb to be on TV or if they’re really that way. I wonder how many people they interview in order to find the ones they show? Some of the stuff people don’t know is optional information. My sister is horrible at geography but it doesn’t really matter in daily life if she knows where Germany is on a map.

  3. js,

    Good point. I think our schools are failing us these days because they aren’t challenging us enough and are not teaching us the basics. And, they are passing kids on to the next grade even though they aren’t ready.

  4. Yes, lots of people are dumb but if Jay Leno came up to you and started asking basic questions, you’d know this was for the JayWalking segment. So you can give really dumb answers and be on TV … or you can give the correct answers and have your footage cut. How may would rather have the 30 seconds of national air time at the cost of having people poke fun at you for a while? Pretty tempting … pretty tempting.

  5. If he interviewed 100 people for every one featured, then I would say that we are in good shape.

    I feel bad for those people, but I can’t make a declarative statement about people as a whole based on a TV segment whose purpose is to highlight idiots! 🙂

  6. MossySF – totally agree. At least the first girl was obvious – you could say she was kidding: she was laughing, gave the answers way too quickly. Like “New York Boulvard” — this was so obvious.

    The others were less obvious, but still, the answers were just too silly. Normally if you are serious and you don’t know, you’d just say I don’t know or at least think a bit and maybe come up with something that is kind of close or is at least plausible. But “a turtle and a hare”? Come on.

  7. I’m sure they picked the funniest (and dumbest) answers. And if you listened to the professions of these people and looked at them you’d realize they aren’t lawyers and bankers. I wouldn’t even argue these are regular people, but the most clueless they could find.

  8. I have no doubt that there are lots of dumb folks out there, but I have to agree with the other commenters that some of this is just playing dumb to get on the TV.

  9. I agree with others that several of these folks are playing dumb to get on TV. But seriously what about your dignity? Do you really want people to view you as a moron? I would rather answer the questions intelligently and not be featured than to appear as an idiot on national television. These people are stupid for pretending to be stupid.

  10. Haha this is absolutley disgusting. I can’t belive that we are American’s, the #1 super power in the world and we are unable to teach our future generation of politicians the history of the United States. I mean these are the people that vote and they don’t know their right from their left. It really says that someone needs to step up and say look, whatever we’re doing right now is obviously making us less capable of being able to govern ourselves in the near future. Just look at ex-pres G.W. Bush. Do you think he knew who the first president of the United States was before he was in office? probably not but I’d be damn sure he knew who the founder of Texaco was. It’s a sad world we live in and I say shame shame shame…. I give these people an IQ score of 5… idiots.

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