Anyone Out There Have a BlackBerry Bold?

I upgraded from my BlackBerry Curve 8310 to a BlackBerry Bold 9000 last week. My first impression of the Bold:


I had been debating with myself as to which phone I was going to get next. I had narrowed my choice down to either a BlackBerry or an iPhone. My wife got an iPhone 3Gs during the summer and I played around with it enough to know that I didn’t want one for myself. My wife loves her iPhone but I don’t like typing on a flat screen and don’t think I would ever get used to it.

So, I knew I was going to get a BlackBerry—I just didn’t know which one. The Bold at $300 seemed expensive so that was a knock against it. The Curve 8900 was interesting but I didn’t like the new, smaller keyboard. The keys felt too close together.

I was undecided until AT&T started offering $100 rebate on the Bold. Of course, when companies start offering rebates it’s because they are trying to clear out inventory for something new. In this case, it’s the Bold 9700. The only difference that matters to me between the Bold 9000 & 9700 is the improved camera on the 9700, which goes from a 2.0 megapixel to a 3.2 megapixel. But, I can live with the camera on the 9000.

The Bold feels like a better quality phone than the Curve. It is a bit bigger than the Curve, which is something I thought would bother me but so far I haven’t noticed much. I LOVE the Bold’s keyboard. The keys are sized right for my thumbs and the keyboard has a nice feel to it. The Curve 8310 had a clicky feel whereas the Bold has a softer feel.

The internet browser on the Bold is much better than the Curve’s (though still not nearly as good as the iPhone’s Safari browser). Yes, it’s still a cellphone browser, but it is a lot faster and easier to use then the browser I used on the Curve. The Bold is a 3G phone and offers wi-fi. The Curve was on the Edge platform and did not have wi-fi.

The Bold’s contacts feature is nice because it adds both the birthday and anniversary field—something the Curve didn’t offer.

The texting feature is improved in that when I go to start a new text, there is a “to:” field where I can begin typing the recipient’s name. The curve used to make me go to the contacts and type in the name in order to start a new text message. The Bold also separates text messages from emails, which is different. I’m not sure if I can change the settings so that all messages go to the same folder. I don’t mind them being separated.

The ONLY thing that I don’t like about the Bold is the fact the closure on the belt holster covers up the indicator light, which means I have to lift the holster cover in order to see if the light is blinking. Not a big deal but it is an inconvenience.

Bottom Line…

If you like the Curve, you’ll LOVE the Bold.

8 thoughts on “Anyone Out There Have a BlackBerry Bold?”

  1. The 3G in NYC was horrible with my Bold. I had to download a patch to get mine to work on the EDGE network and that helped a lot, no more dropped calls. It also extended my battery life significantly.

  2. I have your old phone the Blackberry Curve 8310. I like it but it obviously doesn’t compare to an iphone. The problem is (for me at least) there expensive. I will have to look at the Blackberry Bold. Hopefully, they will still have a rebate on them when my contract expires.

  3. Always check Walmart. The one near my house in WI has the Bold for $79, no gimmicks, besides the data plan which you have to buy anyway.

  4. Wow is that what phones cost?! My husband has a Curve that work pays for. I have a Palm Treo that is also free as part of a research program he takes part in (I carry the phone cause he doesn’t need it during the day).

  5. KC, the phones are often expensive if you just want the phone without any contracts and stuff. For example, when the Tour came out this summer they were something like #300 just for the phone, but I got it the day it was released for $99 after rebates and signing a new two-year contract with Verizon.

  6. You should have gone with the iPhone. You could have picked the 3G 8G model for $99. It may have taken a couple days to get used to typing on the touch screen, but in the end it would have been worth it. Also, the touch technology is the way of the future. You should get used to it now because there will be no avoiding it later.

  7. Yes, I could have purchased the iPhone but I didn’t want an iPhone. I’ll cross the touchscreen bridge when I get to it. As of right now, I like the BlackBerry much better than the iPhone.

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