Ten For Tuesday (I Mean Wednesday)

First off, I thought today was Tuesday…

Second, I’d like to wish my wife’s cousin, Stacey, a happy 19th birthday. She and her older sister were flower girls our wedding. She wasn’t even 3-years old back then. Wow…time flies.

1. We start off with an interesting story I read about how rich New Yorkers are leaving the area to escape taxes. We can debate forever on whether the rich are paying enough taxes or not but I can tell you that if taxation becomes to burdensome, they’ll pack up and leave.

2. MoneyWatch has the 12 Dumbest 401(k) mistakes to avoid.

3. MightyBargainHunter says that the only thing you can count on in this economy is that you can’t count on anything. Thoroughly confused? Read his post and he’ll explain it.

4. Jonathan has a nice primer on bonds.

5. While we’re on the basics, Jeremy has mutual funds fees for beginners.

6. Ron asks a good question: Is there no such thing as good debt? Maybe there’s not good debt but I do think that some debt is better than other debt.

7. Now for a little controversy: Dave Ramsey gets kickbacks from investment brokers… The article is a little old, but I thought it was worth sharing. (Thanks, Dylan!)

8. Allan Roth with What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know About Retirment Planning, which is a review of a book I’m currently reading.

9. Donna Freedman with 12 Healthy Foods for a $1 or less.

10. Lastly, here’s Brian Tracy with some advice on building self-confidence. Part 1 and Part 2.

Next week I’ll try to post “Ten for Tuesday” on TUESDAY!

5 thoughts on “Ten For Tuesday (I Mean Wednesday)”

  1. I agree, there are some debts that are better than others: a sensible mortgage, sensible education loans, and business loans for appreciating assets all make the cut.

    What I’ve been pondering in my mind over the last few weeks is why does debt exist in the first place? I plan to write about that one very soon.

  2. Everyone thinks they can make money/get value on the funds (whether lender or borrower)–that’s why there’s debt. Lack of funds, need for immediate gratification, etc. –those are other reasons for another day!

  3. People fleeing NY to escape the high taxes (and cost of living) is also happening in California. The politicians, civil servants and others who feed off the taxpayers only have themselves to blame.

    If it wasn’t for the US being one of the few countries that tax their citizens who live overseas, you would be seeing a lot more people work or retire overseas to avoid the punitive taxes levied in the US.

  4. Amen traineeinvestor! I’d be in New Zealand…or on the Medit. coast somewhere, swilling wine and reading books.

    And it’s a darn shame EE & I-bond rates are so low–it’s nice to have no taxation until redemption, which could be decades away.

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