A Review of John Bogle’s “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” – Introduction

As I mentioned yesterday, I received a copy of John Bogle’s Common Sense on Mutual Funds*. It’s a fully updated 10th anniversary edition. I remember reading the bulk of the first edition when it first cam out. I enjoyed the first edition so I’m looking forward to do doing an in depth review of this updated version.

The book contains 22 chapters divided into 5 parts:

Part I: On Investment Strategy

Part II: On Investment Choices

Part III: On Investment Performance

Part IV: On Fund Management

Part V: On Spirit

What’s different about the updated version of the book is that in addition to the old text, it has inserts where Bogle felt it was necessary to expand and update on the old material. The one flaw is that the updating without taking out old material makes the book rather large. The new book comes in at over 600 pages.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I’m going to be reviewing one chapter per day each week. Tomorrow’s chapter will be Chapter 1 – On Long-Term Investing. I’ve already read it. It’s interesting. Come back tomorrow. Read along with me if you so desire*.

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