I Don’t Like Change

As has been my usual habit at the end of each month this year, I visited StandardandPoors.com to look up the month-end values for the S&P indexes. Well, today I noticed that the page I usually visited looked different from the last time I visited. Then I noticed that some of the features I had grown to love were now GONE!


I used to be able to go in and pick a date and get the index’s performance up to that date for the day, month, quarter, and year. It was a nice little feature. Now it’s gone and I’m sad.

Dow Jones did something similar with their index website last year. They ruined it to the point that it isn’t even worth visiting. In fact, I don’t think I have been on their website but maybe once or twice this year.

I looked around the S&P website to see if the info I was looking for was housed elsewhere. I found a data page but they only house 6 months of rolling data. That’s pretty much useless to me. They do have a link for people register to gain more access to the site. I registered but didn’t notice any change in the available information. I did notice that they replaced the link to register with a link to become a SUBSCRIBER. In other words, “fork it over buddy.”

What I have been finding out lately is that when it comes to companies and change, the change usually means something that was previously free now has a price tag.

I don’t like change.

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