A Blessing From the Recession

December 17, 2009

I read this in the WSJ this morning:

Next spring, Fine Living Network, a cable channel created in 2002 at the height of America’s infatuation with affluent living, is slated to be phased out. In its place, Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. will launch the Cooking Channel.

Gone will be “I Want That!” celebrating diamond-encrusted sinks, and “Dream Drives,” showcasing America’s richest zip codes. Instead, viewers will see shows focusing on instructional cooking at home.

“It’s not so much [that we have] a different audience but an audience that’s acting different,” said John Lansing, president of Scripps Networks Interactive. “Their value system is shifting from aspiring to material wealth to aspiring to a life better lived.”

Now if they’d only do the same thing with Extreme Makeover – Home Edition!

Anyway, I welcome the ‘getting-back-to-basics’ lifestyle. Materialism brought to the masses is usually not a good thing because people start wanting things regardless of whether or not they can actually afford them. I think that’s what we saw with the housing crisis. Builders kept building bigger, fancier, more expensive houses and people kept having to stretch themselves a little further to be able to afford them.

Now I’m reading reports that builders are scaling back in their designs. They are cutting out square footage and taking out some of the amenities in order to make the homes more affordable.

Now if we could only start manufacturing more products here in the U.S.A…

9 responses to A Blessing From the Recession

  1. JLP-

    You’re right about Extreme Makeover – Home Edition! That show is a joke. I wish they would revisit the families that were “blessed” with their new home after a couple years. Now, that would be worth watching!

  2. All I can say is if I hear “Oh My God” from one more person on that show I’ll puke.